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Could Anxiety be the underlying cause of the life ruining symptoms I have had for around a year??

Around a year ago I woke up with this almost hangover feeling which did not go away. Since then I have had 24-7 head pressure/tension which can sometimes be unbearable along with neck and back stiffness that is also 24-7 (although if this was the only issue I would be sooooo happy), I have found that certain things can sometimes cause this horrendous life ruining sensation to get worse...

*Any sort of stress at all can make it unbearable

*How I start my day( depending on how I feel when I wake up can set it up for the whole day, deciding whether its going to be bearable or completely ruin my day and cause me not to be able to complete many tasks.

*Sometimes I can be just walking around a shop or supermarket and I feel almost drunk, which in turn can worsen symptoms.

*Reading can worsen symptoms.

*When I am Hungry

*When I am just out walking somewhere on my own (everyday I walk to the train station my head tension and pressure quickly escalates) and basically anything that causes any type of stress at all!

- That said I often suffer these symptoms doing absolutely anything from (trying to) relax in front of the TV to watching or playing sports.

I have thought anxiety but I don't get many of the other common symptoms that others do, for example I don't get nervous stomach or feel nervous at all really, I am not bothered about going anywhere in particular or anything like that. I feel comfortable in crowds or unfamiliar places. The only Issue is this awful head pressure that I can just not get rid of.

I have a few other symptoms like blocked ears, funny sensations in my jaw, jaw/ear clicking and generally feeling like I'm about 100 years old, my full body feels like it is falling to bits!

If anyone can help in anyway I would be forever grateful, this problem has got me to the lowest point I could have ever imagined being in. I feel like I am not myself anymore and I am just dragging myself through from day to day.

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You so like me every symptoms you describe is i have been feeling too for 5months now. I still try to figure out every day from the food i eat that triggers. If i walk around mall i feel tired fast like a 70yrs old. When wake up in the morning i feel my neck shoulders is sore like i carry heavy stuffs. Do you feel dizzy sometimes with it?


Yeah I am the same, every morning I feel like my body is broken and I wake up with awful tension in my head.

I have felt dizzy with it previously but I think that was more the first 3-6 months as I think when it got bad I became much more anxious (but I definitely remember feeling dizzy at some points although that has now gone)

I have tried foods and other things trying to get to the bottom of it but I don't really think its anything to do with that to be honest.

I don't really know where to go next, my trips to the GP seem a waste of time as they just try and give me a random selection of medicine. I haven't took any medication for 4 -5 months and to be honest I was worse when taking various things due to the side effects.

Do you have this feeling all day everyday like me? its not nice to know someone else is feeling the same thing although it does make me feel a bit better that I am not the only one.


Hi tyg1, yes i know how you feel and yes i have it all day everyday but it depends in a day sometimes i woke up with its bearable but some days its worst that all i want to do is lying down but its still there. I feel my head is heavy than my body like it weigh 20kilos. It really awful feeling this way everyday as if no energy the moment i woke up. I read some other thread a lady there she have it for 1 and half year it trigger to her when she is tired, angry, stress, neck position when she sleep, hungry. Its triggers on gluten and soy. I also do some neck exercise in helps some. Do you have dull headache along with it. Maybe we could keep it touch with it we will try to look for the answer. Hang in tough your not alone mate.☺


Yeah the tension/pressure is like a constant dull headache, which can occasionally turn into a really bad headache depending on stress levels and so on.

And yeah that sounds good to me, the more help we can get from any avenue can only help going forward I'm sure!

When this started had you been going through any stressful things or anything that could of triggered it?


Yes i have been to stressful life before it start i remember lack of sleep too. I sleep only 2-3hrs been that way for a few weeks together with everyday stress i feel. Then one day i woke with heavy head like hang over which not go away. Have you been in a stressful things before it started?i wake up this morning feeling like my someone is squeezing my head, i get tight feeling on my temple too. I think stress is the major factor of it. Did you try taking herbal meds? If you would found some cure or help it relief by any chance keep me posted mate. Have a nice evening


I had just finished my degree a few weeks before it all started, I felt in a good place, I had holidays and time off and lots of fun things planned for the summer, then I went out one night and woke up hungover, then this hangover went on for days and then turned into what it is now...

I wonder if it was a delayed reaction from the stress of that, I'm currently doing my masters now (which I feel like I'm never going to manage due to this issue) so I can't see this going away anytime soon if it is to do with stress and so on.

I have not tried herbal meds (do you mean like over the counter ones) just some meds from the GP like amitriptyline (which I couldn't take as it knocked me off my feet and a couple others) I stopped taking all the meds about 5 months ago, I didn't think they particularly helped me at all if anything made me worse!

What have you tried?

Yeah keep me posted and hopefully we can find an answer and a cure!


tyg1 its probly a delay reaction after all you have been while finish degree. It would be very difficult to take a master's degree when one feels hangover everyday. But i know you can do it cuz some days is bearable. How long you would be in master's? Do you sleep good at night before you have it?


Tyg1, i was anxious and got two panic attacks of it thought maybe worst of brain tumor. Did you have done any head scan?


Yeah, I've had an head mri and an neck mri, head showed nothing out of the ordinary and neck scan showed damage and loss of lordosis (which I think is probably to do with posture from having this issue in the first place as i'm always tense).


I am always tense up too. My ear click all the time, randomly feels like there is pressure in my jaw or ear feels full with ear ringing sometimes. I have also eye pressure and nose pressure feels like when your about to sneeze feeling like tightness if i can describe it. Do you eye& nose pressure at times? I Hope we could find a solution to our problem soon. I want to be back to normal life. My quality of life is zero at the moment.😯


I used to get eye and nose pressure, they even sent me for ENT appointment which was fine.. since then not so much, more everywhere else... Sometimes I feel the pressure is worse in different places, like I get it most commonly on the right side more than the left, which happens to be the side I get most ear clicking and blocked feeling. But its constantly there across the top and I get it at the bottom of the back of my head sometimes which is quite severe.

And I feel the same, I don't really think my family and that realise how much its effecting me and ruining my life, I feel like I've not had one single day that I've enjoyed for a year, I've been on holidays and allsorts but still always feel like crap!


Hi tyg1, i could understand of how you feel i feel sorry i too is loking for an answer out there. i know its debilitating feeling almost hangover everyday. I have notice when wake up in the morning its not so much visible but after a like 10minutes bam its get escalate. If im hungry i can feel much pressure at the bottom of my head then it minimize after i eat but it would not last for awhile. I most commonly feel on my right side than left. Do you feel like numb on top of your forehead from the middle way going to right? If i press it there i can feel its pressure deep with in. Do you do any sort of exercise? I went to 2 ent's check my ears everything is normal. The doctor diagnose me allergy rhinitis which given me some antibiotic nasal spray and meds for allergy but to no avail. Last visit i went to neuro give me some anti axiety meds but could have taken only if i feel anxious. I am at my wits end. My family is there but i feel i dont get much support to them bcuz they do not understand how i feel how it ruins my life. I want to try to take magnesium they say its good for headache also ginko biloba. Lets keep in touch until we find the answer.


I thought I was the only person in the world to have these symptoms. Mine started 3 months ago, but I have had a noticeable improvement since last week.


Honestly, last night I've had the worst night I've had in months, and it was all due to a horrible headache/pressure that lasted for the entire day and into the next day. You might have what's called chronic tension headache, which is a massive headache similar to a migraine, but can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a week (if they're episodic) or more than three months (if they're chronic). There's no real knowledge of what causes these, but it seems like stress and anxiety is a big trigger-- I had a minor anxiety attack on Friday that I'm sure is what triggered mine.

Since I'm seeing that you're not really big on medications, I've heard that seeing a chiropractor or an acupuncturist can really help alleviate some of the symptoms, but other than that I'm unfortunately as much in the dark about treating them as you are. I mostly just take tons of hot showers and sleep all day.

Hope this helps you a little!


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