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Can anxiety cause this?

Hi I'm not doing well at all

I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs and just loosing it.

For the last few months i have not been drinking water p probably 1 cup or less per day sometimes none at all.

Lately I feel exhausted as if I have just finished running and your chest and back get the achy feeling your lungs trying to catch enough air

Which cause I between shoulder pain.

Feeling like collapsing any minute

Exhausted really really tired

Right now in between shoulder pain is burning I'm drinking water and my body is naturally just gulping it down taking deep breath hurts that area too

I've told people they say dehydration with always being tense which is obvious since I did say no drinking water but my mind just doesn't accept it.

I feel like giving up. These aches make me want to have internal sleep :( I had a near death experience a while back and I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace no worries and I crave that feeling. :( I won't do anything such as ending my life. It's this demon going thru me that I want out. Can all those aches and pains b from anxiety I know the feeling/ mind is not normal

The exhausted chest&lungs, back pain is it anxiety?

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Yes anxiety can cause all these feelings

You are not getting enough fluids which will certainly not be helping you

You should drink at least 6 cups of water a day !

Maybe go back & see your GP & tell them just how bad you are feeling would be a good idea

Please drink more or you will feel & be ill , you need fluid

Take Care




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Thank you whywhy again for responding.

My mind is going nuts and my body I'm on here almost daily now it's getting worse. Yesterday it was my shoulder blade today is my right leg which is killing at my arch in my foot it's hard and swollen , feels warm and causing great pulsating pain which travels up my leg. I'm here crying because as much as I want to run to the doctor I'm afraid they'll say it's just muscle related and I have to ask my ex hubby/partner to take me to doctors which he has to ask for time of work. :( I can't do that I've looked up my symptoms and it says tendonitis but can be something worse which is killing me and my pain is constant actually worse at rest so my mind says worst case scenario. Meds don't help me if anything I get worse therapy haven't tried it and honestly I feel threatened to go to one thinking maybe I'll be to crazy and they'll take my kids away :( I just just want the anxiety out of my system mind and the pain in my leg cause these weird muscle spasms every time I move my leg which makes my thing worse. Sorry for the rant thank you so much for all your advice

<3 yaz

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You rant away , if getting it of your chest helps & I hope it has

I do understand this HA will focus on everything & anything !

Oh dear not Google , well you know if you go on there & look for long enough & after years of doing it myself but know stopping as I realize it is the worse thing possible , it will always no matter what you put in if you search long enough every single thing will be life threatening , but that is something like one in a million most of the time & yet it is like we keep looking till we find that one & then we believe of course it is us !

Try & I know its not easy but to help you don't look on there

You more than likely will have strained it even without realizing, you could have been doing something like pegging out the washing , stumbled & thought nothing of it till your foot swells , it no doubt will be something really simple like that

Have you any deep heat rub , if ever I have a bit of swelling that is always really good especially if its a muscle or something

See what it is like in a couple of days , it possibly will go down all on its own & if it is still causing you a problem then go to the doctor for your peace of mind & I would ask about referring you for some counselling , they do not & I will stress they really don't take your children because you have anxiety & need help !

I brought my 3 up suffering with anxiety & know one came & took them away because despite how I was I was still a good Mum & I am sure you are to :-)

Hope you are feeling a bit better but think about asking for the help you deserve for you & then it can only benefit everyone else as well as you start to feel better & that has to be a good thing & not the fear your anxiety is trying to make you believe !

Take Care


Hi yes anxiety will cause pains like that. You do need to drink more as this will make you poorly. Can you drink juice with your water to make it more palatable? Are you drinking tea or anything else like that, if so that will work towards your fluid intake, it isn't enough of a diuretic as the medical side used to think. Also are you eating fruit and veg? If so that also helps with getting fluid into you. Xx

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Thank you for responding. Just any liquids really I'm averaged to them right now fruit and veggies too. I'm craving salty things which I guess just makes dehydration worse don't know if it's the anxiety/depression that is getting me like this but I we'll try thank you

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