So,I got my bloodtests back days ago and I kind of have a bit of concern. My bloodtests suggest I have some problems with my thyroid. I have too much thyroxine in my bloodstream. Maybe it is the cause of my anxiety,I dont know. Can someone actually make me feel better? I suffer from DP/DR and I feel like im not even alive,im dead,im not there,i just look through a window but im not really there,I dont exist and nothing is real. I feel like Im not even anxious,Im just plain crazy. Im having psychosis or schizophrenia and Im just crazy as hell. I cant sleep at night,I just want to sleep and feel fine. Im sleepy all the time,my vision is sensible,too much light. I feel like Im going to die or faint or something. I just want out of it. Just knowing the fact that its not real,doesnt help me at all. Does this mean Im crazy?

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  • Hey, you're alright, you'll be ok. I'm in the same boat as you right now. I just saw a neuro today. 

    How would you explain your vision? Do you have head fog? I'm here to help cause I've been dealing with the same things 

  • Actually,everything seems too bright.  Like,its so bright I think Im going to pass out. But I feel like in a dream,like Im not real. And yes,I have head fog. I really feel like in a dream,literally,like any minute I can wake up,but I know this is the real world,only I just feel so deatached. Im worried,is it serious? I also think it had something to do with my thyroid.

  • andreeaGeorgiana, are you by any chance on any anti anxiety medication?

    Just wondering....

  • No,I dont take any medication at this moment. And I wont take any in the future :)

  • Hi andreeaGeorgiana,  the reason I asked is because sometimes, like in my case, the benzos were exaggerating the symptoms.  It wasn't until I got off medication that I realized that.  As for being sensitive to light, that is still there as well as blurry vision.  I still believe because the anxiety is still there however low, until I can relax completely the eye muscles will be affected.  Eye doctor says my eyes are dry. Who knows? 

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