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I have had anxiety since i was 12, my fears are throwing up, and feeling sick! i feel tired all the time, and cant get any motivation to do anything, my house is always a mess and i never have enough energy to get up and clean, im on Zoloft, its helping a little, but i just want this gone! i cant have an everyday life style like other people, im 19 and having to deal with this im so done with it! If someone could tell me how to get rid of it let me know!

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I have experienced similar feelings. When I'm tired everything seems impossible and when exhausted am overwhelmed with the fear that things will never change.... but I talked to my doctor... they adjusted my meds... a few good nights of sleep the whole world seems positive and full of possibilities.. Please don't give up, you will get through this.



I have to go back to the doctor to get on different pills in march this zoloft isnt working I dont want to give up im trying to stay strong!


Hi redgiggles, i feel tired sometimes and have no motivation but i push myself to do things. Stay strong x


under the supervision of your doctor wean yourself off Zoloft,,then together with empathetic health professionals discover and understand the cause of your anxiety,,try to understand that even though the cause of your anxiety may have happened in childhood, that cause has likely as not gone away but it is still present in your mind and it is the fear of letting go of familiar feelings which is causing the anxiety,,when you get up in the morning take a look at yourself in the mirror, nothing has happened to you in the night even though whilst in a deep sleep your body functioned on auto pilot, reason with yourself then why should anything bad happen to you in the day ? the real cause of your anxiety is long gone and each day is the first day of the rest of your life, the answer lies within you and only you can give yourself the freedom to live in peace with yourself,, consider the people in Africa etc, who have to live with anxiety for the survival of themselves and their families,,consider wild animals who have to live with the anxiety of being attacked and eaten every single day and night,,we in the west have no such worries or very little,,its about putting our lives in perspective,.


Hi red giggles it suffer with the same thing I've had it for 20 years with my anxiety I feel sick and I am actually sick I've just started doing yoga to try and help my breathing to see if that helps I do relaxation and try and put positive thoughts in my head you will feel better I've learnt to live with it take care x


Hi Redgiggles & Welcome

You have already had some great advise & cant really add much more to what has been said but wanted to let you know I had read your post & keeping talking on here , it really does help just knowing you are not alone with the way you feel

Take Care





You are describing me less than a year ago. You will get there feeling more like yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself it doesn't really work. At the moment your body is probably telling you that you need to rest.

Take it easy on yourself and sleep, I also wish I could just do normal things, I am getting there and it has taken a while and there is still a way to go! I do feel a bit more positive than I did. Keep in touch with your Doctor, that's something I didn't do and I felt that I was dealing with this alone. It has also taken Lot of playing round with my tablets and still I'm not too sure if they are right it's an ongoing project!

Tablets also need to be given a long time to get right into your system.

Take care xx


Hey there

Sorry youre struggling at the min..... it can seem never ending.........

Could you ask your gp for some talking therapy,,,,, Ive just started cbt to help deal with the anxiety, and also counselling for some issues I need to clear up!!

Ive also started knitting, and when im anxious and having intrusive thoughts , the knitting really helps, maybe you could find some hobby??

Take care and be nice to yourself!!

Ker xx


Hi there just wanted to say that I'd read you post and I can understand how exhausting it is. Its also very frustrating when you can get on top of things. U have had lots of good advice already. I can maybe only add one thing. Try to ignore the "mess" etc. Never look at the whole house or room. I used to be too hard on myself. You will get thru this...but if your anxiety is high u will feel exhausted. I have learnt to tackle one thing at a time. Be it a corner of a room or a cupboard. Or kitchen worktops. Anything. Just completing one task is good. And congratulate yourself on every little thing u do achieve. Washing. ..brushing teeth...getting dressed. Anything! U will find that the positive achievements will increase as time passes. When its all too much for us...we tend to just see everything that has to be done.

Keep coming here. Its a lovely support network. Take care. xx


Hi redgiggles,

Your anxiety fears and feelings remind me of a story my councillor told me.

One of my fears was related to my breathing and I would cough loads and loads till I coughed up blood. But I was always check my phlegm while coughing. A way to over come this was not to keep checking my phlegm and this would then not want me to cough. And it really worked.

With you it seems the opposite you. Your scared of being sick. Does that make you actually throw up?

Would you do anything to stop yourself from throwing up?

The thing with anxiety is that you get suck in a vicious circle. Where each emotional and physical action feeds off one another and keeps it going.

if you let yourself throw up(make your sick) or watch others being sick then you should start to realise that being sick is nothing to worry about and in time your fear will go.

helping yourself get over anxiety does mean, to me anyway, putting yourself in those situations where you fear the most then realising that actually there is nothing to fear.

I know this is a really hard and I know you will be scared but you have to be brave and strong and you will do this.


No I dont throw up but I feel like im gonna, I feel sick every time I wake uo for like an hour then it goes away its really annoying and I cant handle it!


Hi redgiggles,

I just decided to log onto this forum & your whilst I was reading this/ your post it started to sound very similar to something I used to go through.

Although I was never diagnosed with anxiety at that time I used to feel incredibly tired all the time & even when I would lie down it felt as if my body was just unable to shut off whether it was day or night.

I believe the main source of my anxiety back then was something to do with a very bad verbal abusive relationship I was in & although I made the decision to end that relationship I felt as if I was to blame & everything was my fault.

I got so upset on some days I would start to feel physically sick but just like yourself was never actually sick.

Do you know what could possibly be the main cause or source to your anxiety?

I truly believe when I found the main source of my anxiety I found some strength to deal with it day by day. It definitely wasn't easy & I'd say all in all it took me about 2 years to really come to terms with what I was going through.

However I'm now in a great relationship with my partner, we've now being together for 7 years this summer & have got 2 children together.



Hey redgiggles, I can understand your stress and frustration with wanting it gone now, and trust me if we could, I bet you we all would. I am a sufferer with anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder and its horrible. I am a 16 year girl and I cant even walk to the shops without something happening. When I have panic attacks I suffer with a tight chest, shortness of breath, flashbacks, hallucinations..etc.. I am on sertraline and should be going on more and I tell ya now its horrendous. I cant tell you how to get rid of it but I can offer to listen and offer fantastic advice. All I can say now is not to give up, im pretty sure you are an amazing person and to be dealing with the anxiety rather than letting it control you and give up, your brave enough to give a shot at getting help! You are a amazing person, you can either let this control you or you control it.


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