Can someone help me please. I dont know if im suffering with anxiety but if I am id just like to know. Basically right now I feel like I cant breathe, my vision seems to go blury and im actually sat here crying because I feel like im dying and wont get to watch my daughter grow up. I also can't feel my heart beating so am constantly scared that I am dying. Please help me.


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  • Hey, your not dying so calm down, try some deep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth as it slows the heart rate.

    You sound like your having a panic/anxiety attack. Have you had this before?

  • Ive been having these since my daughter was born 10 months ago, it's really scary. Im the same with my daughter I dont sleep as im constantly waking up to check shes breathing and every time she becomes ill im convinced shes dying so I rush her to hospital to basically be laughed at.

  • Sorry to hear that. Have you spoken to a dr at all? You sound like you have anxiety but I know that some people suffer with it relating to illness & dying. I would definitely advise you speak to a dr about the way your feeling as it's unhealthy for you. A lot of people go through this so your not alone

  • I have an appointment with a counsellor tomorrow but im worried that there going to say im an unfit mother and take my baby away, which then gets me all stressed again and I start having more panic attacks. Thank you for reassuring me I wasnt dying. I just needed someone to talk to as I was scared on my own as my partner is asleep.

  • Hi Rik1233, I'm glad that you are seeing a counselor tomorrow. It does sound like severe health anxiety as well as maybe post partum. Having that doesn't make you an unfit mother. Might this be your first baby? Good Luck with the appointment tomorrow, don't be afraid, don't be ashamed. This happens to many mothers after giving birth, including myself. Take care, you will be okay. xx

  • Thank you I did think it could be to do with having my baby but I wasnt sure. Yea shes my first baby and im only 19 as it is anf also she was born prematurely so she spent quiet a while on the intensive care unit. Im just glad im not alone anymore xx

  • You're not dear. There are plenty of caring and understanding people on this forum. Most who have gone through what you have. Taking care of a newborn is a full time job in which you may feel overwhelmed right now. I would set up an appointment to see your OBG or GP and have a chat about what you are feeling. Meanwhile, come back to the forum. You will not feel alone anymore. xx

    Congratulations on your new baby! :)

  • Thank you :) ill see the counsellor tomorrow and see what they say once i know more ill contact my GP xx

  • Good Luck and let us know how you do. xx

  • I will do, thank you for convincing mw to go and see the counsellor as i have had appointments before and been to scared to go so thank you xx

  • You are very welcome. xx

  • No worries, I was going through it last night! It's good to come on here for reassurance, we all need it at some point.

    That's good that your going to speak to someone. Don't worry about them judging you on being a parent, that's not what your there for. And your a great parent so what's there to panic about.

    Just be yourself and explain how you feel, I bet my house they've heard it all before, your not alone. Good luck and let me know how it goes if you want 😊

  • Thank you I try my hardest I mean its hard but wouldnt have her any other way. Yeah it is good to talk especially to someone whos been through it as when I talk to my partner he doesnt really get it as hes never been through it. Yeah Ill let you know how it goes tomorrow. My appointments at 3:00 pm :)

  • If I could go back in time and tell myself I were okay when I felt like this..

    Have you ever been to the Dr for this? It's always best to double check, but take it from a guy that's had 100k of work done just to get a clean bill of health, that's literally one of the many, ever changing symptoms of anxiety. I get about one new one every nine months.

  • Im going to see a doctor tomorrow and thank you ill look them up

  • I know exactly how you feel! I had a bad panic attack today and thought I was dying. I have made myself think that I have symptoms of all these dreader diseases and that I am going to die soon. The thing that helps me calm down is just deep breaths and listening to music or going for a walk. My 8 yr old had to calm me down today. Hope you feel better!

  • Sounds like anxiety to me!

  • I so feel for you. I am MUCH older than you but do understand and have gone through the same type of feelings for most of my life. Anxiety is very difficult to control. As my specialist said "the brain is the strongest organ in the body". I truly believe that! I have wasted more than half my life worrying about what ifs, and experiencing fear and anxiety. How I wish I could get it all back and laugh at myself. Guess what? Here I am a senior citizen and I still have panic/anxiety attacks. Therapy and seeing a physciatrist might greatly help you. It cannot hurt. Some of us have to take daily medication....mind you it does not help 100% of the time. I often get emotional and cry...thinking about what ifs. Death rather the fear of death is my main thought. I have just enrolled in CBT classes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help with my can't hurt. I honestly had no idea how "un alone" I am until I started to do research on the net. You are NOT alone. Take one day at a time. Keep the radio on low, you feel less alone! If you have a understanding person in your life who will listen and reassure you, do talk to them. I have found the best therapy is another who can relate. Fear and anxiety is horrible. You will live to see your child grow up, you will improve. You are not alone. We are all with you.

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