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Scared again!!!!!

Whats wrong with me? Please help someone! Im so lost. I need comfortin words. I feel like im the most annoying person on here. Im so scared im dying. Im so frightened of dying, im scared of leaving my boyfriend . I have pains in my lungs and chest and legs. Went a and e and they did ecg and checked for blood clot and all fine. My anxiety goes from one worry to the next. From blood clot to breast cancer, bone cancer, brain tumour i just cant rest. My mind is never at ease. Im so frightened im gunna die any day . Why am i this way. How do people go through life and not worryand just say oh when you die you die. I wish i thought that way but i cant. Just seen a ladies post on here saying she has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer! How? Why? Why was it bot picked up. Im so sad for her . Life is so unfair .please send me some comforting words

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Hello there. I am so sorry that you feel the way you do.. I myself struggle with anxiety and worrying all day everyday about what's happening to my body. Now I know its not easy at all trust me I wake up in a panic every day before I even get out of bed. A lot of it has to do with your mind set. Just breath. When I start feeling all worked up like that I sometimes walk around and it helps. Or i sit outside and just breath in the fresh air and try to think of something that makes me happy or something im looking forward too.. Sometimes even sitting down with a family member and explaining to them how you feel helps. I talk to my grandfather everyday and it actually helps. Sometimes I even lay down and just close my eyes and relax. You just have to find what works for you.. I hope you feel better.. Maybe try taking a bath and just think of things that make you happy or things your thankful for in life. Just remember.. Your are stronger than this. Positive thoughts. I honestly know what your going through and I hope you feel better ☺


Thabk you. I try to find things to concentrate on but i cant look forward to things because i truly believe i nkt gunna be here to enjoy them . Like my holiday in two weeks i cant get excited or moving into our new house or when my partener talks about us having babies. I cant look forward to any of it its so upsetting


You are not alone sweetie , I think like that, I kinda live like that, it's very frustrating and I gave those friends that say "oh well" and I think they are nuts fir not bring nervous or worried. We gave to just push through and keep praying it will go away,


I just want to be happy and go back to the days when everything was normal and everythib made me happy. This is no way to live is it ? Doctors wont listen to me anymore im very alone


Hi. We all feel the way you feel. Anxiety causes you feel like you are going to die anyday, it's all in your head though. You just have to learn to cope with it.

Firstly you need to accept that anxiety is a part of you, forget about the part when you never had anxiety, that was one of my biggest concerns was that I wanted to just feel normal again and go back to how I was before, but you can't dwell on that. Accept the anxiety and ask yourself, ok how can I live with this. Anxiety gets worse than the more you dwell on it, it amplifies little inconstancies in your body and makes you think it's pain and obviously the cycle of panic continues.

I would suggest seeking CBT, it's probably the best therapy for anxiety and depression, especially since the therapist challenges your thought patter and irons put your negative thoughts and gets you to change your way of thinking or stopping the triggers of your anxiety.

Aside from therapy just live life, go out and live it, do things you enjoy, exercise more, eat good food, find new hobbies and interests, if there is something you wanted to do years ago what's stopping you ? Go and persue it and enjoy yourself.

Also another method which might not work but I kind of work for me but it's a grey area for anxiety sufferers but think about death and what death is. Confront the fear. Mostly the fear of death is due to the unknown after, I can't answer what happens after but life is not the end, your conciouness is energy, energy cannot die, while your organic body can die, your energy your soul cannot, just remember that. Oh and also what adds to the fear is because we think of death with our human minds, remember when you die you won't have the mindset of a human. You cannot remember being born can you ? The same as death. You don't know you die, it's just like falling asleep or passing out. So just keep that in mind, when you die it's just one falling asleep. Don't dwell on that and let it make your life a living hell. Enjoy yourself as much as you can and remember, the energy cannot die, what you see in the mirror is your organic body, think of it as computer to interface with others. What actually makes you YOU is energy , it's your conciouness and energy cannot die, so you are eternal.

Try to let that bring you some solace and get out there and live woman ! You owe it to yourself to find happiness :D


Of course we all have a particular type of anxiety that bothers us. For me it is like yours, a health anxiety. I react to every feeling that I may have that can could signal something that is wrong. I have had the tests done... I mean ALL the tests! 5 separate blood work ups, 3 EKG's, 3 Troponin tests, 2 X-rays, 2 CT scans, MRI, MRV, MRA scans, Endoscopy, Holter Monitor, Stress test, and finally a echocardiogram. This was all done over a 6 month period....And of course ALL came back negative. You would think I would be OK knowing this right? No I wasn't BUT you know what... I need to be because now im going against years and years of professional experience. They have done their due diligence and everything clears and now I need to accept that and relax.

Your body is always going to make weird noises, create certain feelings but what you have to understand is that your anxiety is either producing them OR your body is reacting to your thinking about it too much.

I will give you a perfect example: Right now I am feeling back pains (pin point - meaning I can point to it) upper abdomen pain, upper leg pain etc etc... I'll admit a part of me wants to freak out... BUT this has happened before... Many times before and I've been seen by a doctor many times.... So why am I going to think it is something bad now? I am not going to because if was then I would be either on the floor or gone by now. I've had these symptoms for 2 months now... I imagine something would have happened already.

I do am afraid to die. But we have to understand it is all going to happen. We don't know when but it will. So if it is something that is inevitable then why worry about it. I am a Christian and believe in the Great Lord, God, our Savior Jesus Christ. Prayer has helped me tremendously (the most) to get over all of this. We don't have any control over these things. So why worry about it. He is the only one that know when any of this is going to happen.

Prayer is amazing and releasing all control is freedom. Try it. You will see how truly great He is.



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