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I'm scared and I'm scared and I'm scared

I'm scared of having Multiple Sclerosis, im scared of having blood clot, I'm scared of having brain tumor and etc ! My legs and arms are weak, ears are ringing, eye floaters and many more symptoms make me so scared! I went to internist 4 days ago and he said that i have to check everything including MRI ! And it making me so stress, and then i went to another internist that holds my medical record just yesterday, then he said my legs and arms are weak because I'm not active (i never do any sport since i have panic attack last December) I'm so frustrated my family is not supporting me at all, they say I'm crazy :(

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Ur not crazy I feel the same weak and tired scared of having so many things wrong with me I can't barely drive or go in public. I have had a bad past of domestic abuse family abuse and just recent I am left all alone I want so much to get over this to beat it I feel confused or like I'm going crazy wish I could be normal


hi dealara im sorry to hear how you are feeling sounds like youve got a bad case of health anxiety ! has your doctor not suggested going to a councillor it might help you cope better with things as they are ! im saddened that your family are not being supportive of you as this alone would make a difference to you getting well ! please try going back to your doctor and ask for a second opinion if not change your doctor ! i wish you well please let me know how you get on ! david


Dear Scared....the first thing to try to do is calm down. All the panic is going to make you feel worse and increase all these symptoms you are experiencing. Use positive self talk just as you would if a young child came to you and needed help. You would say, "it's going to be ok, you're going to be fine, calm down honey, it's ok".

Breathe easy, you can handle this, you're going to be ok." Remember, life will always be a challenge, and you will not be given more than you can handle. This will pass, but you must get some positive help from someone. Drs. will put us through dozens of tests and as you can see from others posts, most of the time everything comes back normal. Do the tests to ease your mind. Then work on helping your emotional state. Get some good books/CDs on Health Anxiety, OCD is another good one. There are anxiety workbooks, get one and do that too. Be consistent with it. Don't do one chapter and stop. Do it and then repeat it whenever you start feeling stressed. I do Bible Studies on fear, anxiety too everyday which helps me.

I speak from years of health anxiety and true Health problems experience. There are a lot of bumps in the road but everyone experiences those same bumps....learn how to deal with to see what's going on and then work on learning how to cope. No one is "NORMAL". We all have fears and problems. You are not alone. Do what the doctor advises and tell yourself you will deal with whatever....... one moment at a time. Being in panic and fear will not change our situation, but it does worsen it!!

Let me know how you are doing. Hang in there, this is life and it's not easy, but you can do it. Count your Blessings instead of troubles. If you can't talk to your family find someone that's not family that you can share with.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself, it's ok, I'm going to be ok. I will handle whatever comes my way. I will live in the moment and not worry or fear about what the next hour holds. I have no control of the future. I can only live in this moment.

I really do understand your fear...



I have health anxiety as well. I fear heart attack, stroke, brain aneurysm. Any ache and pain or sensation i feel i freak out. I'm trying every day to let go and let god. It isn't easy to do but we have to try. This storm will soon pass. Every storm eventually runs out of rain. Good luck to you and god bless


So sorry you suffering so much. All your tests show you are healthy Health anxiety is imagining there is something wrong when it's not true. Yes you feel a lot of symptoms which make it seem real but that is you thinking negative thoughts. I'm sorry your family is not there for you but no one really understands what you are going through except people that have health anxiety. They love you I'm sure, they just can't relate. Do not let this affect your relationship with your family. Maybe you need meds to help you relax your mind. It is your mind that is the culprit . You could also see about counseling. It is important that you exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water. These are the easy things you can do but you have to do it. It really does help. The hard part is changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Also stay active and doing things that make you happy and spend time with friends, family and even acquaintances. I am not going to lie, this is not easy. You have to do this to help yourself. No one but you can make you feel better. One moment at a time. Counseling helps you change your way of thinking. You have to make yourself work on all this if you really want to get better. Please do not, I repeat do not Google your symptoms. Talk to us on this site and please don't get upset if someone seems harsh. We really want you to improve. It can take days, weeks, month or years but push through. We know what you are going through.

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