So I went on a plane for the first time since getting anxiety about two weeks ago and I felt really Nervous before my flight as I kept thinking I'll die on it and it made me so anxious on the plane I felt soooo ill. Yesterday I was on a plane again and I decided to not make myself so nervous again and before we took off I felt nervous but decided to just breathe and stay calm and throughout my flight I felt fine and now tonight I'm worrying that what if I have a blood clot or heart condition from the plane and now I'm laying here dizzy and breathless and wanting to cry as I'm scared I'll die.


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  • Angiecis22, You'll be okay. Your negative thinking is scaring you have to death. You did a great job yesterday in using breathing and staying calm throughout your flight. That was a big accomplishment for you. Please don't let the "Anxiety Bully" take over. You are dizzy and breathless because of irrational thoughts, nothing more. Try doing the deep breathing and calming techniques like you did on the plane. Don't fight it Angie.... x

  • I am trying that. It calmed me down a bit but still a little anxious. I just wanna cry tbh but I don't want to coz once I do I'll probably just make this worse

  • Angie it will build the anxiety if you start crying. Believe me, I know, I use to cry my heart out, I didn't even know why sometimes. The tension headaches I got after that were so painful. Not to mention the puffy eyes. I now use relaxation and deep breathing to control my emotions. It seems to work for me. Again I want to tell you how great I think that was the way you held yourself together on the plane. Good for you. x

  • Thank you! It was the first time I managed to keep calm and I felt like I was actually getting somewhere with my anxiety

  • I'm sure you will be fine going in the plane and relaxing through breathing was a fantastic thing to do and also probably took it out of you

    One thing I do which I have found really helps is to push my feet into the floor as hard as I can it will make your whole body feel really tense and you will concentrate on that feeling not the anxiety Hold it for a few minutes then breathe out deeply and kind of just flop like a rag doll and rest Then repeat for 10 minutes or so It makes me feel totally relaxed if you can alternate it with your deep breathing techniques it will really help The nice thing is you can do it anywhere and no one can see you doing it either standing or sitting

    Relax over your fears what you did was very brave but it will only get easier each time now

    Wishing you all the very best

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