since march 1st i've been having chest pain, and heart palpations, headaches and a weird taste in my mouth. been to the er three difeerent times, they ran blood work, did x rays, ct scan on head and chest, and did a ekg.everything came back good. I am a 17 year old male. i've suffered my whole life with constant stress, anxiety, and ptsd. could either of my mental illnesses be causing these problems? im scared for my life that death is near, its the only thing i think about. i have a baby on the way i cant die. please help me.


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  • Hi Tyler7898. Since you have had complete blood work and tests done, I would say that yes, the symptoms you are having are stress induced. Keep in touch with your doctor and make sure he knows what is going on in your life. Having a baby on the way is a big life changer at 17. Coming to this forum will be a support for you but you may need therapy as well. I wish you the best in feeling better.

  • thank you

  • Aww iam sorry your going thru this. Congrats on the baby :)

    Listen i go thru this all the time iam 26yrsold and ive had it since i was 18.

    Having a baby at 17 is a BIG LIFE changer iNdeed. and since you've suffered for a while now iam assuming its increased. Now that your having a baby. Its a big responsibility. Seek your Dr. And get on medication or therapy sessions. Meditation on youtube is awesome too. Just take it easy ok life is too short. You wont die its anxiety symptom it makes you think that. But you wont :)

  • thank you

  • Sounds like you are just suffering from some anxiety man, hang in there and congrats on your baby, if all the tests say you're good, just trust in it alright 😊 may God bless you

  • first thing is don't think about death that's the worse thing you can do think of being old that's what i do when I think I'm going to die I have had anxiety. For 5years never took meds just thinking good not bad keep a clean head if you start thinking your going to die go for a walk or a jog and never think. About death hope this helps if you have a partner talk to her tell her how you feel trust me it helps

  • Dude first off I totally want you to know that everything will be ok! You are not dying and you will be around for a long time. You need to tell yourself that your fine, this is mental not physical and after a few deep breaths you will move on with your day. Congrats on the baby! I know your really young , but from experience, having the opportunity to be a dad young wasn't a bad thing for me. It taught me how to be responsible and caring. Just remember you'll be fine and life is beautiful!

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