scared once again!

scared once again!

hi, been having bad anxiety , extremely bad actually. then last night found blood in my pee. went to the walk in centre and the nurse tested it and aaid i was extremely dehydrated had a slight infection. why was there blood if its only a slight infection and there sending me for blood tests and an ultrasound of my kidneys and stomach! why? im so scared the ultrasound and blood test will pick up cancer. pain and blood are never a good sign. im losing my mind!!!!!! in bed all day panicked and crying


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  • now you need to slow down and think that you are not the unlucky one. its a urine infection thats is your most likely problem. your brain is telling you that your liver is going to have to come out then your going to die on the operating table of a heart attack. we have all had the crazy thoughts involved with anxiety but you will be fine ohh p.s stop googling the symptoms you will only find the worst one and stick with that haha keep strong all will be fine

  • ohh and as for why are they sending you for an ultrasound. its better to be safe and check aint it like 90% of tests like that come back negative of any issues .

  • i went to the walk in centre last night and it was a burse that seen me, she sent my records over to the doctors and they rang me to say i didnt need ultrasound or blood test but to bring a wee sample in in two weeks. is that be ause they dont believe me due to my anxiety. even tho my wee sample showed slight infection and severe dehydration?

  • Having worked with OB-GYN doctors and in the laboratory I hope you don't mind if I jump in here.

    I believe the ultrasound and blood tests were ordered by the nurse to be on the safe side. Once a doctor had been contacted the nurse's extra precautions weren't necessary. The Dr. knows much more than the nurse and was comfortable that treating your dehydration and the slight urinary infection was all that was needed. A follow-up appointment to check on the infection is totally appropriate. Should you have any additional problem between now and the follow-up time you should notify the nurse and let her contact the Dr.

    Normally you intake plenty of water or some other fluids along with water and that outflow when you urinate keeps you from getting an infection. When you're severely dehydrated there's no outflow (regular urinating) preventing bacteria from moving upward into your urethra. So you had a slight amount of bacteria in your urethra that should easily be gotten rid of with intake of normal amounts of fluids throughout your day plus you would be taking an antibiotic. I even wonder if you could beat it without the antibiotic, but you'll probably have a prescription.

    So it's not that they don't believe you, the Dr. is going totally by the tests and normal procedure as far as the information you have given here.

  • thank you , that has made me feel much better. its weird that the pee sample showed i was very dehydrated because im oretty sure i go toilet the same amount as always. is it always the case that when your dehydrated you dont need the toilet as much?

  • Yes. Dehydrated means you have less fluids in your body than it needs. Less fluids mean less to get rid of by peeing. Your body is going to try to hang on to those fluids because it needs them.

  • Hi, I've been through the exact same as you. Ultrasounds and bloods being took but the doctors said it could be something simple as IBS or a disease which means you are allergic to wheat & dairy products!!

  • I had this! Turns out I had awful cystitus and a bit of an infection. Some anti biotics and I was back to normal :)

    I highly doubt anything sinister is going on. Blood in pee is usually infection xxx

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