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Here we go again another worry. I'm getting paranoid that I'm going to get a bloodclot and die that travels from the leg into the lung and just die. My uncles brother he was in he's 30s normal healthy person and one night he just died it come back that he had blood clot in the lung which is also called (pulmonary embolism) .. When I googled about it it says there can be no symtoms atall :( if it's not one thing is another!! I'm non stop thinking negative , I'm so scared just duno what to do anymore so sick of feeling like this. So scared to die and I know I'm going to real soon I know iv been saying it everyday but I really feel like I am I got this werid feeling inside :( so if I do nice speaking to all of you on here great support you have been x


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  • I've been where you are ... Many times. Yet here I am, still here. Anxiety causes so many thoughts and feelings that are NOT real. For just one minute look at yourself in the mirror and treat yourself like you are someone wise and loving. YOU look at that poor scared person in the mirror and say things like " you are fine, I won't let anything hurt you. I love you and will always take care of you." If you had a child that was sick or afraid you would hold them, love them and protect them. Treat your inner child. It will help you. You have the strength to do it. Be confident when you tell that fearful person you see in the mirror "you are going to be fine, you are ok." Please try it ... It sure helped me. I even found a photo of myself when I was very young and hung it on the mirror. I just could not let anyone or anything hurt that little child...me. Sorry this is so long...

  • It's okay Thankyou so much for reply I do look like the mirror and tell myself I'm fine try shake it off but sometimes it just don't work .. Like I don't want to go outside just don't wanna leave my house so I don't even get exercise properly get so unhealthy and die:( why am I thinking like this so much I just want help please x

  • I feel the same on many days...don't want to go outside etc. I have finally convinced myself that I will just go out for 5 minutes and get fresh air. Just fresh air, and for 5 minutes only. I was surprised when I thought to myself that it was refreshing. It really was. So 5 minutes gave me a gift. Now I am working on making it longer and walking a little more. Please try just 1 minute, then 2. Just for the fresh air. Breathe and close your eyes for that minute or two. And let yourself be safe ... Just for one minute or two. You can make yourself stronger ... In body and mind. Wishing you peace of mind and freedom from fear. Thanks for letting me share...I work hard to remember to take my own advice!!

  • Thankyou for your kind words!! Hope your okay to.. I will try calm myself and distract my mind instead of thinking I have a blood clot in the lung .. If you ever need a chat just message me x

  • I think we anxious people always think the worse of everything. I'm just the same. I've wasted most of my life so far thinking I've got something, if someone would have told me years ago that I would get to nearly 40 I could've enjoyed so much more instead of having myself dead and buried countless times. I'm going through it again now as I've got to go to the eye clinic at the hospital cos I've had really bad headaches and then optician discovered my optic nerves were enlarged, so I'm thinking allsorts of horrible things and feel constantly churned up. If it wasn't for the larger dose of propranalol I'm on at the mo my heart would be pounding. It's good there's a group like this to be able to freely say how we're feeling and not feel like complete loons. Cos it's difficult to Find people who understand. Stay strong and try to stay positive (hmm, wish I could take my own advice). And just keep talking (well, typing)when your mind starts thinking these things so you can get it off your chest to people who completely understand. X

  • Hello

    Just because a family member had an embolism does not mean you will have one as well.

    When I was younger I thought I was not going to see my 40th birthday, when I arrived at big four I was over the moon. Then I would think I would not reach 50, then 60, now I am sixty four and to be honest what is the point of worrying. When your time is up what can we do. If it is your time it is your time. The man in the white beard or red horns will be waiting for you and believe me the two of them have no time to wast on their timetable. When you are called you die that is the whole story. Number 22 your time is up!!.

    About eight years ago my Father was 84, nearly 85, He threw this mortal coil with a embolism that had moved from lung to heart, it was an immediate lights out. Yes it was quick, and yes that is the way to go when in one min you are eating a biki with one hand and grasping your heart with the other. DEATH IMMEDIATE, what a way to go, no cancer, just GONE. You are knocking on the golden gates.

    Life is what you make it and our life is base and when life ends it ends please do not worry. My Birthday is on the 28 August I will as mentioned be sixty five. Many people I used to know are gone I cannot bring them back.

    Live your life to its full none of us really know when it is our time. Enjoy, not worry


  • I used to have a fear of death. I don't anymore. My thoughts changed from, what if I die tonight? To, well, hey, if I die, I know where I'm going! I've had my tests and nothing seems to be wrong so there's really nothing else to do.

    But I still have a fear of losing control. But the death fear is most definitely gone. I was a pretty calm person before this happened, excluding a fear of sickness, I could handle many situations with ease. Like a car crash, which I recovered quickly mentally from and that was a day I nearly died. So it is definitely possible to get over that fear. What helped me was spending time with God and reading books about Heaven and after, I was pretty fine. But maybe you aren't into that, but since I'm a Christian, that's what helped and resolved that issue for me.

  • U have got to relax my dear erase all the negative thinking and worrying just pray and ask God to take away all your fears and give you the courage to have a clear and peaceful mind.

  • I feel the exact same way! OMG I'M so glad I found this site almost every1 is going through and feels the same as I do! This just further let's Me know it's all n my head.

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