Is this just me?

I've recently been told by a doctor that they think I have acid reflux. I'm taking tablets for it but as its not helping my health anxiety had gone crazy thinking there must be something seriously wrong. Since then I'm getting worse and worse. I'm exhausted every day despite seeming to sleep ok (although I wake up feeling like I haven't slept). I feel achy all over (particularly in my shoulders, neck and forearms). I almost feel like I'm coming down with something but it just doesn't come to anything. I spend every day thinking about it all day and worrying about why I feel this way. I'm sure I feel bad because of my anxiety but I can't stop worrying about it so I end up feeling worse. Does anyone else feel like this? Any tips on how to get my mind off it? I've told the doctors who've dome some blood tests but nothing shows as anything to worry about it I cant help it. Xx

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  • Exercise, mindfullness and distractions.

  • You first need to ask your self what are your fear(s ) and then try to work on that . Your anxiety is what is making you feel like that. Acid reflux hurts . It can feel like a heart attack because it takes place right next to the heart valve . You can not die from anxiety it's the opposite infact. Your body speeds up when your having racing thoughts of harm because your body and brain are trying to protect the parts of the body your thinking is in trouble . And every muscle in your body tenses up and then exhausted sets in after because you body was on flight mode. By thinking the bad thoughts it's like warning our brain that our body is being attacked when it's not. Anxiety will go out just as fast as it comes in if you let it but if u fight it it will fight you back. So just let it come and breath threw it focus on something or go for a walk tell your self your ok talk yourself down and know your ok and it will subside. I used to call my anxiety body anxiety i wanted to crawl out of my skin. Hope this helps . I'm here for you.

  • thanks for replying. the issue is that I worry there's something seriously wrong with me but because I worry over a little (perfectly normal) symptom it becomes worse through stress, then more symptoms like tiredness and aches and pains come because of the anxiety until i'm then convinced I'm horribly ill. I just need to find that little opening to get out of this then as I get less anxious I'm sure the symptoms will start to ease, making me even less anxious etc. I can completely understand what you're sayin about your body preparing to fight and being left exhausted. I feel constantly stressed, uptight and on edge and looking back at when this all started (and then got gradually worse) I have had so many stressful situations one after another and I think its finally built up to a point my body has crashed! Fingers crossed now I've come to terms with that I can get it back on track. X

  • Your anxiety is causing most of your problems. While ever you are in this state of severe anxiety your symptoms will persist. A course of CBT would be helpful. Reflux is very common I have had it for years and there is nothing to worry about. Good luck

  • thanks for the reply. Reflux and anxiety do seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately its like a vicious circle which I'm now struggling to get out of but I'll look into CBT. The more anxious I get the more aches and pains and other symptoms seem to crop up. I think I'm physically draining my body so that I'm feeling everything. I need to get myself out of this, I'm determined if not for me then for my poor kids and husband who have to put up with me like this! Xx

  • Unfortunately it is a viscous circle. You need to break this cycle but sometimes you need help. It seems as if you have health anxiety

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