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Is there anyone out there that's just like me


Hi I believe i am suffering of panic disorder. My symptoms are dizziness, tired all the time, I feel like I'm suffercating I can't breathe, I sometimes forget what I did the day before. I get chest pains and tingly body,blurry eye vision, I am Afraid to go out I am always cooped up in my house I haven't gone shopping in 4 years as that used to be my favorite thing... I start to freak out I can't feel my body my breathing gets even more worse. Feels like I'm gonna pass out then and there, I get confusion sometimes. And I get horrible scary thoughts in my head and I'm constantly thinking I'm gonna die or I'm dying and that something is really wrong with me and when I read up on something I am constantly thinking I have it.. Is there anyone out there with all these symptoms that's just like me that I can relate to and not think I'm going nuts!! I am constantly feeling this way all day everyday and sometimes it will let up but it will still be there but tolerable and others it's very bad but this is all day every day!

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Your not alone. I've been having panic attacks and symptoms every day now for months. I've just missed a holiday as I'm that bad. I get tight chest. Rapid heart beat, dizziness, numbness, I'm currently seeking help with cbt on the nhs. I hope it's helpfull. I also ring no panic helpline where I can talk to people. It's very helpful As they are volunteers who have had similar problems. :)



What you describe are classic anxiety symptoms,we have all been through it and believe me it can get better.I don't know if you have sought help but a visit to your doctor would be good.Have you thought about having CBT it has helped a lot of people on here there is a website called headspace you should give it a try you may find it helpful.

I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you all for getting back to me... This is just the horrible thing to go through for anyone. I am gonna be mAking me an appointment to the doctors for some meds but I am sketchy about them but I realize I'm gonna need them.. I am also gonna start councilng as we'll to see if I make any progress.. Thanks

That suffocating feeling (along with other symptoms) is really horrible. At times my chest and upper abdomen will tighten up, other times it doesn't. Sometimes I feel I'm breathing in really cold air and then I feel soreness in my throat. I chew alot of peppermint or spearmint gum during those times, drink lots of water. The head in the fog is really annoying. Yes, suffocation feeling for over 13 weeks now, day and night, not even 5 minutes relief except when I pop an Ativan to help me sleep at night. Get up the next day and it starts all over again. What I still don't understand is that I get up looking forward to a new day, nothing is bothering me. This sounds corny but it's nice and sunny out, birds are chirping and I'm feeling happy up until my feet touch the bedroom floor and here is the suffocating feeling.

Hellokittygurl1992, wow I've felt this awful way too:( it's so scary and sometimes think I'm gonna die as I'm writing this I feel weird it's the most horrible feeling ever! Hope you are doing well. Take care!

Yes this is horrible I feel it all the time all day every day and it really freaks me out

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