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I just find myself worrying and panicking all the time! I worry about being ill constantly from the moment i get up, my sleepings poor. I sometimes get a tightness in a throat or that somethings in my throat, I've never seen this symptom on anxiety! So now I'm freaking out that it's something bad, I can't relax. I'm so sad that I feel this way every day!


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  • Hi. That is an anxiety symptom. You are ok, you are stronger than it. You got this! Our heads make us think so many things are wrong or just not right its amazing how powerful it us and how real or scary it makes everything seem. I too spend my days worrying about everything. Before taking propranolol it was all I could do because the physical symptoms were there all day, everyday too. I was totally consumed physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm now able to function and do some things to make myself appear normal outside but inside is still messed up for now. I'm counting down to my assessment on 1st February. Have you seen a Dr to be referred for any therapy yet? X

  • Thanks, I no what you mean, I just can't seem to help myself, I saw an iapt worker just over a week ago and I'm waiting for a call to see what therapy il be having (will probably be cbt) it's so scary being like this. I spend most of my day moping about the aches and pains, it's horrible X

  • You sound so much like me. Are you from the UK? X

  • Just seen your profile - you are. Oh man, that doesn't bode well for me. My IAPT assessment is 1st Feb I really hoped I'd get a response while I was on the phone like to find out what treatment etc not have to wait to hear from them for the result 😭

    You will have tools to be able to help yourself once your therapy starts. Right now we have pretty much an empty toolbox to work from. Anything like me andyou'll just be doing all you can to pass time so it's another day done with. It truly is no way to live a life (or exist as it feels to me at the moment).

    your therapy will soon begin and will soon be helping x

  • I am from uk, I had to go to the doctors to see my iapt worker, she said she would be in touch in two weeks, I was like two weeks! Why should it take that long to decide.

    Yes I like to keep busy, I have children too so if I'm honest I don't no where I find the time to worry, but I do, all the time 😩

    I hope your not waiting for your therapy long X x

  • I spoke to someone at IAPT on 8th January which was a Friday, she Saud they'd call back Mon ortues and I thought nooo I can'tgo in like this for a few more days I neeeeeeeeeed help. They called that same evening and I was Like yes! Assessment time (ihad misunderstood my next contact was my assessment) she booked me in ffor assessment, asked if I wanted face to face it telephone I asked which was quicker so she checked. Face to face was last week if Feb or phone was 1st Feb so I opted for phone. Dreading how I was going to get through 3 weeks Like that. 1 week to go and somehow I'm still here counting down. I looked at private therapists as I really didn't want to wait, then had it pointed out to me if I go in there to be treated for anxiety without a full assessment then I could only be dealing with half the problem there could be something else with it. Being pig headed for a few days I knew best I wanted treatment NOW I felt totally crazy and unable to function or do anything. I did let this sink in and it worried me that if I did have another skeleton lurking in me that it was going to be a waste of time and would be back and I cannot face the thought of ever being that bad again.

    I've got 3 boys ranging from 2 to almost 12. They give me enough to worry about so I Can't see how I have time to be anxious either but it's always there I can feel it sat in me like a lion waiting to pounce. It sure has a way of letting us know that its not far and hasn't gone anywhere.

    How much longer if the 2 weeks do you have left to wait? Xx

  • It's a nightmare isn't it.

    I should here something on Friday hopefully. so fingers crossed not too long to wait for an appointment after she's phoned me. Oh it really knows how to take grip, is yours worse at any particular time? Can you still go out/do things etc. X x

  • In the height of it which was when I first knew something waswrong a few weeks ago I didn't go out, stayed curled up on the sofa with a blanket, I was cold, tired, shaking and totally consumed by anxiety. I then had to go out when the kids went to school I had derealisation going on so it was all like a daydream. I'm still doing school runs and occassionally go to a friend's or my sisters for a little while it helps as a distraction and to pass time although it doesn't distract me completely.

    Fingers crossed Friday is your day and it doesn't take long to be seen and get the ball rolling for you.

    The waiting game is driving me mad and it feels like it's been months since I first spoke to them. Time is going by so slowly it's horrible xx

  • Hypochondria i just found out thats what i have its vonstant fear about your health everything you feel scares you and freak out about every symptom.. Its sucks thays how ive been feeling for the past week :( hope you get well soon.

  • Good that you are still doing a few things, keep it up. I stopped doing things and now it's so much harder when I do go out, I'm trying to push myself to do it though. I want to do things, but I feel like I can't if you no what I mean. So much of my time is spent worrying. I walk about in a day dream a lot, it's a strange feeling

    Hope it's not long for you too 😊 X

  • Thanks findingstrength, I've heard this before. It's not nice is it. I want to go back to how I used to be. Just need the help to do it

    Hope your feeling better x

  • Hi dizzychar. It does happen to be a common symptom of anxiety. Tightness and/or feeling like a pill is stuck or sometimes feeling like you swallowed a golf ball. Years ago I had this and it was called "Globus Hystericus". You can swallow normally but the sensation is there. Sometimes it can be GERDS but most likely is a spasm from being panicky all the time. It will eventually go away on it's own. Drinking warm liquids like tea, broth even water will feel soothing to that tightness. Hope you feel better soon.

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