Is it just me

I feel like I'm a stranger to my self like the more I think about me it slip and when I'm alone I feel like nothing is real and I shake a lot also I feel blank like there's nothing in my head I feel like there a pressure in my chest sometimes and like my heart is racing but it's not my head feels funny I also keep feeling like I'm going to have a seizure is this just me is it all anxiety it's getting worse bc I'm moving tomorrow and still have not left my house in a year.


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  • Hi apayett,

    What you describe is a treatable condition called depersonalisation/derealisation usually brought on by severe trauma.

    It's your minds' way of protecting you.

    I had it very badly from 12 years old.

    Now it's very mild but I never had any treatment, meds or therapy for it.

    I would recommend paying a visit to your Dr. and ask for specialised treatment.

    Wish you all the best in your recovery.


  • Ps I'm a Christian too..I'll pray for you.

  • Thank u I'm also a Christian it comes and goes so you use too feel like you were going to forget everyone

  • apayett24, Good Luck on that move tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and sending

    positive thoughts. xx

  • Thank u

  • Hi apayett24, hope the move is going smoothly!? And it will be a great chance to move on too! Lots of blessings for this! I had my first panic attack 20 years ago, and early this year they were coming back -yes, lots of thing happened in those 10years, and out of a sudden it's hitting me again... first time "autogene training" back in Germany helped me a lot, to calm down again, to get into contact with myself again, after having 2 children and getting back together with my ex-husband and back to work, it was obviously too much for me to cope with. Then, which is now, 2 more children and immigrating to New Zealand, the older kids still in Germany, 6 days work a 2nd husband selfemployed, me doing his admin stuff.... too much again. Now I'm seeing a herbalist, she gave me herbs, another tonic mixed out of 3 herbs, plus extra magnesium and Vitamind D, and Pro joining the gym again, eating more protein, meditating nearly every day, connecting to GOD, nature, the moon.... yes, I did loose myself, and I do have those feelings like you, that it feels like that I'm forgetting people, ...that I'm loosing my mind...??? Some days are good, some are bad, and I really have to keep my mind still ...not going crazy.... every day challenge, but its getting better!! ...I had a weekend away with some girls, that was really good for me. Yes, going out more often with friends, talking to my herbalist, the sport, all that IS helping... most important is talking about it, trying to understand where it's coming from and helping yourself with positive affirmations everyday... be blessed, stay strong! You deserve to be happy and healthy! Amen! x

  • Thank you and I made it are new home safe and sound.

  • Congratulations apayett on not only your new home but the move itself. Good for you, you did it. :) x

  • Thank you

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