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Hey I'm new here and hoping someone can reassure me

Sorry it's going to a little bit of a long one, so 5 weeks ago I started getting anxious so doctors put me on citalopram which caused my anxiety to go through the roof and terrible thoughts so went back was taken off it and was told it was intrusive thoughts. I kept looking up online all my symptoms as I was scared I was losing control or losing my mind, I kept looking up on serious mental illness and I kept thinking about all the symptoms so now I'm scared I have it, I keep having bizarre, stupid, weird and crazy thoughts and keep thinking I'm going schizophrenia or something, I'm so scared it's hard to stop thinking about everything, I've started sertarline (dunno how to spell it) and due to start CBT. I'm so scared I'm losing it because of my thoughts I'm having as I keep searching online and feeding myself that something is seriously wrong. I hate these thoughts and it's hard for me to stop them coming. My anxiety is hard all day because I think about every worse thing that could be wrong with me, I'm scared I'm going to getting hospitalised because of my thoughts as they are so bizarre. I'm scared of anything and everything. My mind doesn't stop thinking also when I'm calm and relaxed I'm fine then I realise then it all starts again

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Sorry to hear you are suffering so bad. Perhaps a different medication might help. They are not a one size fits all. I fight hard daily to hold tears back and negative thoughts of doom and gloom. Keeping busy helps me. Night is bad when I'm trying to sleep my thought s go into overdrive. Do you have hobbies or a pet?


I only started yesterday with the medication and not really no, I just wanna know what's going on tbh I fear I have some serious mental illness and end up losing everything just want to know if it's just anxiety playing tricks on me


Hi Shelley24 how have you been doing on your medication the last 2 days . I read your post and i saw you have been on a new medicine for 2 days now.


Not seen much difference yet


omg exactly the same like me!!! Feel free to message me hun xx

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It's crazy what anxiety can do it isn't it! And my inbox is always open 😊 xx


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