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It's seems like as soon as I get used to what I'm dealing with, I get a new feeling to start me over. I'm still dealing with dizziness. It's to a point even when Im sitting up looking at TV or just sitting up relaxing I'll get a dizzy or light headed. I feel like my head or my brain is just weak. I keep getting a rush of adrenaline which will then bring the anxiety. All of this has been happening these past few weeks but what's new or seems new is I have a tender spot in my head just behind my ears. I went to touch it and rub it and it's sore. Has anyone experience soreness or tenderness? Now my mind is racing because I keep thinking of brain tumors or brain bleeding or something terrible.

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  • Hey , just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are going through this .

    I can relate to the dizziness , it can happen at any given moment , yesterday I was in a job interview and suddenly the whole room started Spinning around me

    Like you I simply cannot believe some of these symptoms are just anxiety and I start to come up with a list of terrible illnesses I could potentially have .

    I have to remind myself that the symptoms if I did have a brain tumor would not come and go they would be getting worse , it's really hard to rationalise things out but it's better than making Google your best friend late at night which I've become really good at .

    I really do sympathise with how you must be feeling . Hang on in there and visit your GP to rule any illnesses out , I'm going to !

    Take care X

  • Yes I agree. The problem is I don't have insurance so my nightmare is even worse because I'm stuck either going back to an emergency room or I'll have to wait several months to go to a lost cost clinic. But it's the hardest living like this I pray this is an can be reversed

  • Does anyone feel so physically sick and dizzy all the time with aniexty

  • Well I won't say that I feel ill as in hurting but I get physical symptoms like light headed dizzy some stomach cramps shallow breath head feels wierd like it's floating sometimes light nausea but no major physical syptoms. ..what do you experience?

  • Sometimes just feel doctors have missed something

  • I agree. I think the worse. I feel like they are checking for every single thing. I feel like the test they run is not enough and they are missing something. It's like I keep saying, "it's no way that anxiety can make someone feel all these symptoms." These are all the same symptoms for so many other terrible illnesses.

  • You are right last week went back to doctors saying feeling ill still, they did routine blood tests results came back normal going for a chest X-ray next week, but had so many tests done and all come back clear

  • I have had this for 16 months came out of the blue, lost my dog after 13 years which was sudden

  • I get those sore places as well especially the skull...

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