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All of my symptoms...

Hello! For the past 4 years I have really been stressing over how I can fix all of my symptoms. My symptoms are listed below and if anyone knows how I'm feeling or knows what I'm dealing with please comment below.. __

My symptoms include:

My eyes make me feel like sleeping all the time. I feel like I constantly just want to take a nap.

When I talk i slur my words and I don't always say the correct word I'm trying to say

I make dumb mistakes that I would normally make if I were EXTREMELY tired

My eyes feel dull and strained 24/7 no matter what the circumstance

At random times i feel dizzy and off balance and sometimes when it's bad I get a drifting sensation like I'm drifting (floating) when I'm obviously not

I always have a ringing in my ears. At times I just forget about it but if I listen for it, it comes back.

Sometimes I can feel my whole head (brain) beating like my heart beat

In the moments before I go to sleep I can sometimes feel my whole body shake violently.

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Sounds like anxiety. I'll share with you all the symptoms I've experienced total. Some I still have, others I don't.

Anxiety symptoms (duration range: 1 day-24/7)

Light headedness


Tight band around head

Light head

Heavy head

Brain zaps


Loss of appetite

Ringing in ears

Tight band around chest



Tonsil stones

Tight traps

Muscle soreness

Blurry vision

Skipped heart beats

Loud heartbeats

Difficulty breathing

Nocturnal panic attacks

Panic attacks

Visually overwhelmed

Tension headaches

Sensitivity to high frequencies

Staring off into space

Back pain

Sore body

Clammy hands

Shaky hands

Internal shaking


Lethargy episodes

Feeling hot

Burning legs

Cold fingers



Feeling rushed

Inability to take the sight of gore

Buzzing on one part of head

Left side of body feeling foreign

depth perception felt wrong

Excess saliva


Waking up in the middle of the night

Not waking feeling rested

Tight throat

Difficulty swallowing

Hot ears

Hot jaw

Patches of goosebumps

Nervous energy

Falling sensation

Muscle tremors

Sensitivity to smell

Gasping for air

Dizzy when lying down

Scary, vivid thoughts

Muffled, buzzing hearing

Short term memory problems

Spaced out feeling


Inability to eat

Weight loss

Inability to focus

Weird/bad dreams

Slight OCD


Bringing security items (phone, Motrin, etc)

Weird foot coordination

Time felt disconnected

Fear of passing out (so much so, I avoided taking baths)

Impending doom

Feeling as if I'd suddenly snap

Sore from chest down due to tightening

Dizzy spells

Hot shoulders

Tight stomach

Tight legs

Tight back

This just gives you a small idea how versatile and expansive anxiety effects can be.m

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Did you have any vision problems as well? This was a big one for me. It almost feels like my vision is just super dull and it's getting worse and it's making me feel tired all the time (sorry if u mentioned it in one of your symptoms)


Oh yeah, I had blurry vision and vision that kept skipping. Like it felt like when I moved my eyes, it was getting slides rather than a smooth picture. I also felt like I couldn't see sometimes even though I could.


That is one extensive and all inclusive list, think I've had all of those too, just never thought the list was that long x


I do it for future reference so I can tell myself that if anxiety can cause this it can cause other stuff.

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What do you exactly mean with "Left side of body feeling foreign"? I am having a problem with only one side of my body so i wondered if it is similar...


Felt like when my right hand held my left hand, it wasn't mine. Like it didn't feel like my left hand was my hand.


One time I stuck my hand In an ice bucket and that side of my body felt completely foreign and I was like tripping out haha. Thank you for all your help though!


I get dizzy but it's not like dizzy it's something different I can't explain it but I hate it it lasts for days sometimes weeks it just comes on for no reason and it makes me sick I don't know how to explain it or get it to go away


Yeah I know what you mean. Almost like your vision is making you dizzy. At least that's what it's like for me. hope it gets better


Yes I have these exact same symptoms. You are not alone.


Thanks! Feels good to know that


just to ease your mind maybe you could get a cat scan. I have the same symptoms plus more. I stress all the time about if I'm going to die or if I have some illness. I am 26 and I cant even enjoy my life fully like I should. I hope you get some answers and help this is no way to live. I am going to see a counselor today and I pray this helps. It seems to help when I talk about it.


I have similar symptoms. I was finally referred to a neurotologist. Many people with these kinds of symptoms have inner ear disorders. If you can, you might try to see a neurotologist. Also check out the website, which explains about vestibular disorders. Good luck.


Yes! My moms side of the family actually has bad earwax problems. I will definitely look into that.


I've had so many symptoms too... I still do. They only go away when I accept they are %100 caused by anxiety and nothing else. I hope you get better soon.

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Thank you. I will try to just accept and move on


Thank you guys sooo much I feel so much better! You have no idea how good this makes me feel that I'm not alone!

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hi nick, some very similiar effects to brain injury. have you ever fallen and hit your head badly, or been hit repeatedly over time around your head, be it from boxing, or physical abuse, if so it could stem from some sort of brain injury. just go and talk to your doctor he/she may be able book an MRI scan!

the alternatives is taking drugs a lot, over time, I'm not talking illegal ones,although they count also, but prescribed medications or 'legal highs'.

I'm just a ordinary person, with a few pmedically proven health problems, which means I've been doing a lot of personal research. I was prescribed too many different anti-depressants for neural effects of brain injury, the toxins from those collected in my liver, I wasn't eating well anyway, and those toxins were carried from the liver via my bloodstream to my brain, so my symptoms , similiar to yours, worsened! I decided to stop taking the Med, partially because I was forgetting on some days or couldn't remember if I had taken that day's dosage or not. then I suddenly realized on days after I may not have taken, my symptoms less.

it's now I year since I stopped all but my thyroxin, of my symptoms as such, many are definitely better, so now I know what's down to B I, and possibly some from my thyroid condition. but the head wobbling, vision, hearing lack of focus and concentration have virtually disappeared. I've know I've just had best 3 days of my life, mentally since March 2013, I have felt 'normal' like my old self and it's been a long time coming.

of course I hope it will continue, I've told my doctor and specialists I refuse to take more drugs, except where or if medically essential, I'm eating better now, and sleeping more has also helped? so think about it all see if there are any coincidences there, if so, perhaps you can help yourself get better, I hope so, and others if it rings bells with them.

I'm not medically qualified, not suggesting I'm right for everyone, I know what is working foe me, so call it food for thought!


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