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Are my symptoms anxiety related?

Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl who worries A LOT. I just need some clarification on what my symptoms are linked to and if they are just anxiety. ((bit of background knowledge)) I had to drop out of college just before Christmas as It was extremely stressful, I also had to get up at half 5 every morning because of travel and came home around half 6 every evening because of bus times. I now am doing an apprenticeship which is SO much better for me and less tiring. I've also been to the doctors twice; had my eyes checked by a GP as they can see any abnormalities with the brain and nothing came up, been to a chiropractor and he had to click a bone in my neck and 3 in my back back into place, my neck was the worst one.

Anyway, I'll list my symptoms below as I've had them since Christmas so now it's been around 3/4 months. I just worry it's something like a brain tumour, I also worry that I might die but I know it's all in my head but i just can't seem to shake that worry off of me. Countless doctors have said it isn't and my eyes have been checked and nothing has come up, however, i just want to know i'm not alone in this and these symptoms are common as I honestly have no idea. I'll list them below;

-tension-like headaches; like a pressure at the back of my head constantly and It moves sometimes to the top of my head and i sometimes feel like little pinches. This is my main symptom really however it does get better and has got much better since christmas as it was really noticeable then, they aren't causing any sickness or making a huge impact in day to day life however they are constantly on my mind.

-nausea; i feel like i'm out of it and totally spaced out. It's like when people talk to me sometimes i can't respond to them, its like when you ''zone out'' occasionally but i get that a lot especially when worrying about the symptoms and thinking about them. It's like my mind is constantly thinking ''whats that pain'' and i know looking them up online doesn't help.

-tiredness; just feel generally a bit sluggish. I was really bad at christmas time and i had to sleep all the time. However, i have got better, however, i do get tired easily and it's like after being out and about for a while I start to feel my head and it's like I just need to go home and sit down.

-muscle/joint pain; mostly my legs especially my knees.

-neck/head feels a bit stiff ((links to the tension headaches))

-panic feeling

-can't sleep//very active, detailed dreams which I wake up from in a state of worry.

-shortness of breath

-difficulty calming down

-weepy/crying a lot. It's like i feel depressed but i know i'm not as I am generally a really happy person and i'm known for being like that.

-worry, i'm worrying about everything at the moment. I go to Tesco (shop) and it's like everyone who walks past me I think is some sort of murderer it's like i think everyone is suspicious. My Mum looks at me stupid as it's like im constantly on edge all the time.

-noise; it's like I hear every noise and i'm quite jumpy and nervous. I used to be so confident when speaking in front of others as a child but now it's like talking on the phone is hard for me because I worry i'll say something stupid. Also when i hear a baby screaming or someone shouting over to someone in public I seem to jump and feel panicked.

It sounds so stupid but I just want some advice on what to do or how to deal with all this. My parents are amazing and my mum understands as she suffers from some of these symptoms too as she has mild anxiety, however she is suffering through an early menopause so that's why her symptoms are there. I just need some help.

Thank-you ((sorry for the essay!))

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Those do sound anxiety related I suffer some of them has the doctor checked your thyroid levels having an over/under active thyroid can also cause some anxiety symptoms.

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no i haven't had that been tested! i've got an appointment next week so hopefully i'll be able to get a blood test done to check!


It could just be anxiety I dont wanna worry you but I thought it might of been my thyroid that was causing me problems but it turns out it wasnt so yours could be fine but its worth getting it checked out just to be sure, are you in the uk?

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nono honestly i did even think that myself so thank-you for bringing it up! yeah i'll definitely get it checked! Yes i am!

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I just wondered because in the USA you have to pay for blood tests and even to see a doctor whereas if we need treatment in the UK then it's NHS.


Hi dear, it sounds like you already took a step towards lowering your stress levels.

You are very fortunate to have supportive parents. As well as a mother who understands. You are suffering from high level anxiety and have all of the symptoms that I carry with me everyday. You say you see a doctor but do you see a therapist who might be able to help you through the extreme anxiety? You also said you feel a little better since dropping out of college. It was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Hopefully talking through your symptoms and learning how to control them will be well worth the cost of a therapist. Once you learn these, you will be able

to do them on your own. I wish you well. You are not alone. x

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thank-you so much for commenting! yes i think it was right for me to leave, doing that travel while doing at least 10 pieces of homework per week i think definitely took its toll on me. Yeah my parents were great about it! I did think this was all to do with anxiety but i wasn't 100% because of all my doubts and worries going round in my head but yeah i honestly think it is! One of the doctors I went to gave me a leaflet to go to an anxiety help centre thing as he said that he thought I had quite bad anxiety so maybe thats a good idea as they have support groups and things and he said they talk about your symptoms and help you get through it! thank-you so much for commenting i really appreciate it, really eased my mind! I'll definitely have a look! I wish you the best with it too x

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The support group will be great for you. Take care, better days are ahead x


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