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Dealing with the physiological symptoms

Hi everyone,

I'm new here but already love the idea of this supportive group! I have struggled with anxiety in the past (10 years ago) and it had somehow went away over time on it's own.. I was happy and anxiety free for so long until it reared it's ugly head again 5 months ago. I thought I could handle it better this time since I knew what was coming.. but boy was I wrong! The hardest part for me is dealing with all the symptoms I get. I feel light headed/out of it, I have stomach/digestive issues. I get anxious when those symptoms happen.. which just turns in a big cycle of bad. It's hard because I feel like I can't go out to dinner with my husband (might start feeling nauseous) or I can't make plans with friends (what if I don't feel well that day). It's really tough and gets me down. How do you deal with the physical symptoms? I'm sick and tired of feeling sick.

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Hi SER14

Your story sounds similar to mine, I too thought I'd conquered the anxiety/panic and the unpleasant physical symptoms, its only recently that its sneaked up on me and has hit me like a ton of bricks, some how though I'm managing to stay positive at the moment, I know that I can't fight the feelings as I will end up fighting with myself, its the thought of being stuck in that dreaded cycle of fighting only to find it makes it worse, the only way to find recovery/relief is to allow time to pass, allow the feelings/symptoms to come and go, I know deep.down that they won't kill me, their unpleasant and terrifying but I won't die, don't be disheartened, its hard, this forum is a life saver and the people here are wonderful support, we all understand and feel the distressing nature of this illness. Hang in there and don't give up xxx


Thank you for the supportive response. I do try to stay positive but sometimes it does get hard and I just want to cry it out.. But I don't let myself to get to that point.


I wish I knew. I have pretty much the same issues. And it's a terrible cycle. This has definitely interfere with my life and a bigchange from how I was just five months ago when I felt normal. I hope the best for us.


I am trying so hard to not let it interfere with my life. It's an internal struggle! I'm married and have a 2 year old, work full time. I can't just lay around at home whenever I'm not feeling well. It is very hard though.

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Im sure you hear this all of the time "Just don't pay attention to it" I think the best thing you can do is to KNOW that it went away before and that it will go away again. It's called anchoring to hope. There will be good days and not so good days. WE have to remember that there is hope for a good life.

I have never had anxiety until it hit me like a brick wall early this summer. And I knew I could not handle it on my own, so I went straight to a therapist. I was afraid of the simplest things even shows I couldn't watch on the TV. Then it turned to a health anxiety. But I grow stronger in my faith grew a personal relationship with God and Jesus (best thing ever!) and kept alive with hope knowing that there are good days.

I live day to day and not living in the future on the what ifs. And if I do go down that road of "what if" I think of positive what if's.


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