More symptoms😩

Funny enough I wrote a post yesterday explaing my symptoms and I said I never get headaches 2 hours later boom I got this weird dull ache in the front of my head that hurt behind my eyes and it freaked me out so bad, I'm just wondering if it's got anything to do with the hole in my tooth that's bin giving me bad toothache which comes and goes sometimes hurts the whole left side of my face but it's bin fine today but headache keeps coming back and forth don't know if it's because I'm thinking about it or the tooth, the dentist made the hole in the tooth when fixing another and when he was scaring it hurt even with anastetic so he said to come back put a temp filling in and to come back but I didn't just thought I'd buy temp fillings and just keep filling it just wondering if that's the problem or my anxiety like I said its on and off starting to really worry there's an infection and gonna go to my brain and kill me:/ sounds stupid I know but Google doesn't help😂 don't know what to do I hate dentists:/


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5 Replies

  • Hi. Ask yourself this - is it more terrible to go to a dentist or to die from a brain infection? The reality of course is that even if you have hole in your tooth it will not be leading to a brain infection - tooth infection maybe. And that hole is probably what is causing your headache. You really should go see a dentist as soon as possible. You can get some medication to calm you if that is what is needed.


  • Keep thinking I've got a brain infection now:/ it's not even a bad headache it's like a tickly pain it goes when I don't think about it and haven't had any toothache today but do feel sick I don't know

  • You have made the point yourself - it is not there when you dont think about it. That indicates its anxiety. But still, a hole in your tooth needs attention.

  • If the pain gets worse when you bend down to pick up something up off the floor you have a sinus infection.

    If if hurts worse when you drink a glass of ice water you have cracked a tooth.

    If your blood pressure is high it can be the cause of your headache and you either need to raise you BP medication or go to the emergency room! You can have a stoke if your BP goes to high!

  • It kills when I drink anything cold or even when I take a deep breath when it's cold air and its not even a painful headache it just shit me up and I ain't had one today

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