Headaches 3 Month!

Hi everyone, still getting my headaches after 3 Month. Doctor said it's classic signs of tension but doesn't feel that way. My shoulders are tense and for the past few weeks my neck has hurt but it's seems a bit better now but still got the head pressure. It's not like a normal headache it's almost like someone is pushing on my brain. It's hurts mainly at the top on my crown and on the left side of head. I'm starting to panic now as Amatryptaline hasn't worked . Only been on it a little over a week but surely it should of helped. Please can someone give e me some advice. I'm scared I ha e a brain tumour or aneurysm . X


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  • Hi, don't worry, I have the same. Have had this for years on and off. I have had it all day. It's all tension and anxiety. Please don't worry.xx

  • Hi kylie I had all the same symtoms as you about six months ago I have a condition called ivm it's a tanglement of veins and arteries on the brain so I was worried when I had these symtoms I got it checked out with a mri scan and everything was OK but I still had the symptoms I was told it was a tension headache but it would not go away I went 2 my doctor and he said it might be a signus problem he gave me a nasel spray and guess what 48 hours and all my symtoms had gone may be worth checking it out

  • Kylie1986 you ARE ME!! I read this and had to write u! I have had horrible headaches for months now daily they literally happen daily at some point and the pressure I get is so scary I also think every day that I have a tumor in there or an aneurysm! :( I also went and made a neurology appt and he said I also have tension headaches due to muscle spasm in my neck that I need more massage and that I have migraines and be pressure is from the tension headache he called it daily chronic tension headaches nothing helps! I get so frustrated I have a scheduled MRI on the 24th of June I can let u know what he results are and we can keep talking for support u sound just like me and it is so nice to know someone cause I know no one around me that has this or understands how scary it is!

  • Hi Amy, I'm so glad I found someome who has the same as me. I don't know anyone who has had this sort of problem so it's a relief I'm not alone. I get such a horrible pressure in my head and the odd sharp pain here and there. It's like someone is pushing on my brain. I'm on Amatryptaline but doesn't seem to be helping. I'm terrified it's something bad. I hate the idea of going for a MRI or CT scan because of the results. I had horrible tiff and sore neck the last few weeks but has got a lot better so can't see how it's tension. I do worry slot and have anxiety but I don't feel tense. Doesn't feel like a tension headache does yours? I hope your ok and I hope you get it sorted with the MRI. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes. X

  • Thanks! And no I don't feel it's a tension headache but I worry just like u I already had a CT scan a month ago it was normal but the MRI shows more and I swear I it feels like my head may pop! Last night I got no sleep at all do u ever try and lay down and the pressure is way worse? I had to sit up and couldn't sleep when I have all that squeezing pressure. It's awful I feel I need someone to put a pin hole in my head and let all the pressure (air) whatever out! It's torture all day I am so sad about it

  • Yes I'm exactly the same. I don't k ow how it can be tension iv not felt anything like it before. Sometimes I get the odd sharp pain with it too and try and move my head to try make it go away. What worries me tho too is that my eyes have gone a little blurry but the optician said I had healthy eyes. I did need reading glasses tho. Maybe I was just ready for glasses I don't know. Yes mine does get worse sometimes when I lay down. I'm always on edge scared when the full on pressure is gunna come but it is always there x

  • Believe me I know :( I always have the pressure but sometimes it's waaaaay worse and there is nothing u can take to fix it or help and it never feels good and it makes me miss out on fun! 😷

  • Hey you sound just like me inbox me so we can try figure this out !


  • Amitriptyline will kick in after 2-3 weeks it was effective for me after my second week

  • What dose were you on for your heads? Iv been on 20mg this is my 3rd week and still not stopped them x

  • I'm on 10mg and have been for 5 weeks and it's has reduced them quite significantly but remember different people respond to different medications and the best thing to do is give it another week and perhaps discuss with your doctor about changing the medication or increasing the dosage whichever suits you the best

    Don't let it get the better of you

  • Kylie I just had my MRI today I will have my results tomorrow did you make an appt to get yours done yet?

  • Hi no the doctors won't give me one yet they say it's just tension. I'm still freaking g out tho so if it is stress and tension it's never gunna go. I hope everything is ok tomorrow I'm sure it will be x

  • Well if mine is from stress and tension like he says I may feel a little better if my MRI comes up normal today I will know in a few hours I will write you and let u know ok! :)

  • Yes, hope everything is ok?

  • Normal healthy brain MRI scan I just got the results!!! That rules out MS, stroke, tumor cancer everything and anything wrong with the brain! You should really go get one done it made me feel so much better and now I can focus on smaller things that are causing my issues

  • That's excellent news. Do t think the doctors would give me one yet. It is a very unusual pain I'm getting g tho which makes me more nervous

  • Ya Kylie mine is very unusual too! The pressure is still here but now at least I know it's way way less serious than I have been thinking! Just demand one go to another appt tell them all your symptoms again and ask for an MRI it was only 20 mins thing for the brain believe me when I say u will

    Be so relieved to hear that it isn't your brain

  • Im sat in the doctors now im terrified to ask for one. I just want tabkets to work.im so scared x

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