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Please help. I cant breath. Is this anxiety? What do I have? What do I do? Am I overreacting?

Im 14 and my "anxiety" or whatever it is comes and goes. I'm the typical social, happy, loud girl but ever since Sep. 2015 (today is March 2016) I've been having anxiety. I had 2x family issues i normally have and I moved back and forth around that time. But every time I wake up to a lot of work, I freeze. I tend to like freak out. Sometimes I start to shiver/shake my hands and legs feel numb or cold and I start to feel really lightheaded. Like it feels like I might pass out. I can't breath. Its really hard to breath, and then I just cry. I just cry. Like a lot. Because of this I would have to miss a couple of days of school. Because this is a on and off thing, my dad thinks I'm over exaggerating and I don't know what's wrong with me. But it's not like I have anxiety and panic attacks everyday, it only shows up when I'm really stressed and it blows up. I feel like I should go to someone for help but I'm afraid that I'm like making this up. I don't know who to go to and I'm unable to really afford therapy either. I don't know if I have anxiety and if I'm getting panic attacks or not. And I know how to 'handle' anxiety though, like breath, step away, talk to someone about it, but that's preventing me from getting the task done. When I do have a 'panic attack' I do all the things it says in the book but that results in me missing the next day of school. I've been calling hotliness when I have a meltdown but these meltdowns come and go. So when it hits, I break for hours, and right afterwards I'm good and normal. Because of that my dad thinks that I'm over reacting.

What do you guys think I have? Is it anxiety? Am I overreacting? How do I get help without seeming like I'm seeking for attention? What do I do?

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Sounds like anxiety and panic attacks. My daughter is 15 and started having the same symptoms last year. I ended up having to take her to the dr and they said that's exactly what it was. The dr put her on meds and she's doing much better.


Thank you for your respone.

Should I go to my regular doctor or should I go to a doctor that specializes in this category?


You can go to your regular dr. and they can prescribe you the meds.


oh wow thank you :)

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Do you have medical insurance? Usually that covers therapy. I'm guessing you live with dad..where is mom? Any adult you can talk to instead of keeping stuff inside?


oh it does?? Thank you i didn't know my medical insurance could cover therapy.

my parents are divorced and i moved to my moms to new york during Sep 2015 and that's when i started to have anxiety. there's nothing wrong with how my mom treated me it was because the environment was so new (moved from CA to NY). I try to talk to my dad about it but he kind of pushes it to aside. if i tell him that i think somethings wrong with me, he thinks that i'm just over reacting. so every time i do have a meltdown I've been calling a hotline. i do have friends to talk to, but i'm afraid that they might judge me because my anxiety is such a on and off thing. i'm afraid that they might also think that i'm faking it and that i just want the attention. Like i know that they wont judge me but it just feels odd to think about talking to them about it.

because i didnt know really where to go i kind of went with this website. :/


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