My anxiety feels like a terrible curse

Anxiety follows me everywhere I go and it doesn't fail to make it's presence known to me. It comes out of the blue, when there is no reason to start to panic, but I just do. Like today for example, I was in a car ride with my mom and suddenly, my senses became very sensitive to the world around me. I had this feeling of fear and adrenaline building up inside me and I knew what was happening, it wasn't the first time I've had an anxiety attack, but for some reason, I just couldn't cope and my mind went blank and spiraled down into a black hole. I started choking hyperventilating, and feeling like at any moment, my heart would stop beating. Well that was 2 hours ago and now, even though my panic attack feelings are settled down, anxiety still lurks inside me. It's debilitating, and I wanted to give up. But luckily I was not alone, I had the comfort of my husband. Even though he is amazing at being there during my weakest points, he can't fully comprehend what it feels like cause he doesn't struggle with anxiety and panic disorder like me. So I steered towards this community, where there are others who struggle similarly as I do, and where I find comfort in hearing how other people can relate to my anxiety and tips on how they deal with it, it makes me feel like I'm not alone.


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  • Anxiety Barbie. poor darlin. know how it is for sorry doll.... go on you tube and find progressive muscle relaxant and calming music....drink camomile tea and exercise unless like me you can't even get out of so hard. .. I know ...Thoughts with you Doll...

  • Thanks for the advice 😊 I love chamomile tea

  • You're definitely not alone in this. It is miserable at times but can be mangeable . It took me years to get to this point though. Anyways, I'm glad the panic attack has settled down & you're finding some sense of calm . Also , I find that after an anxiety or panic attack one could get overwhelmed with stress. It's a lot of chaotic energy we deal with , when experiencing a panic attack , so i hope you are relaxing :) This community is uplifting & im glad you found this community forum. Welcome !! :)

  • In the moment of having a panic attack I get really discouraged, as if I will never feel normal again. Thank you! So far this community has been very helpful, I feel like I can truly express how I feel without being a burden to others since there are others going through what I am going through. 😊

  • Hi

    I'm going through exactly the same as you...I don't know what to do :,(

  • It's nice to know that I'm not the only one, how do you cope?

  • Im trying all sorts...drinking chamomile tea...meditation but sometimes i find it difficult to relax as my thoughts take over but i still continue to meditate when i wake up with a panic attack early hours....reading a book helps preferably with a happy ending and excercise is great...hope this helps :)

  • Trying to control anxiety is definitely not easy. Once those negative thoughts rush in my head it all goes down hill from there. I really like your tips, excercising is definitely something I need to push myself to do haha.

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