Anxiety and being a mum

Hi all

I'm just wondering how all the mums cope with anxiety. There are times I feel so terrible and all I want to do is lie down with some peace and quiet to settle down but with 2 small kids that can be impossible sometimes I need a good hour to feel better. And I know people will say get baby sitters etc but i can't plan when my shit days moments will happen. I find being a mum is sooo extremely hard and overwhelming when you feel like shit all the time and don't get much of a chance to recoup orate. So much demand not just with kids but the housework cooking family friends, all the things I want to do in life aspirations that I can't because of the kids and now my anxiety disorder too.

Anyway I'm going on and on I just wanted to hear from other mums who have anxiety your stories and how you cope.


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  • I totally get u.I too am a mother of 5 yr old plus I can get really overwhelming when you are feeling crappy and your kid is full of energy.

  • Read my story am only 30 I have 4 kids ages 16,14,10,7 full time mom work and still manage to do lawn work at my house . The anxiety got to me I have been home sick lost 10 pound in 3 weeks I wasn't able to eat the anxiety gave me vertigo being dizzy all the time for 3 weeks and it's the awful experience I have tried everything acupuncture natural remedies was has worked for me and kava tea kava supplements I have picture of the stuff I take I will upload more later I am trying out charlottes web hem oil Cbd I got another oil from another company it relax me plus Cbd oil after 1 month omits being in bed am going to try and get out of my home Walmart

  • Oh it's hard this crap. You have a lot on your plate no wonder you feel this way. So the kava has helped you? One thing that definitely helps me but I always forget to keep up with it when I feel better is tissue salts they have a few different ones for nerves and I take them all plus a general debility one I will start them again tmrw.

  • I totally feel u kids can be so demanding i have a 8yr and a 1 yr old and trust me sometimes i just want to lay down and relax but it wont happen and lets not talk about work and just life throwing things at you all at once. But we cant let it get us down how old are your kids Aazz ?

  • My kids are 4 and 2 they are both very attached to me whatever room I'm in they are there lol

  • Lolol i know that all 2 well u go in one room to get away from them and they follow you right behind hehehe

  • I know this is a old post but I know exactly how you feel. lol there's no escape! I hate to say that they are part of my anxiety.. but I believe they are some of it? I have a 1 and a 4 year old. I'm a stay at home mom so I'm always around the house and don't have very much "me" time. Plus trying to keep the house looking good all the time... sweeping laundry dishes... etc. it can get exhausting. I love them so much, I wish I had more energy or something while I'm around them. Im only 25 and I'm tired all the time lol

    There is beauty in the struggle though. One day they won't be this little and won't want tonbebaround me 25/7

  • Unfortunate they are apart of my anxiety too sometimes I get so overwhelmed with their constant demands and on those days when they are whining all day my gosh. I also wish I had more energy and just felt better in general so I could fully fully enjoy motherhood. It's not all bad but it's much harder to be a parent when you have anxiety and depression that's for sure!

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