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How do we know its just anxiety?

So I posted on here a few days ago. My issue has been that I have been feeling off balance, feeling like I am just floating in space with bouts of dizziness/rising adrenaline levels which then spirals into an anxiety attack.

When I start doing deep breathing the extreme dizziness goes away but the off balance feeling is still there. I started physio thinking it is my neck but when I lay stomach down, the off balance feeling gets even worse. There is nothing I know of that can be making me feel this way.

If I don't pay attention to it, it kind of goes away but for the most part it feels like i am on a ship all day long, and the floor is unstable.

Why do we feel like this?

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Well I've recently been diagnosed with vertigo so have they talked to you about the possibility of you having that?


I deal with same !! My body feels as if it controlling itself . . My head pressure be the worse.

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I believe anxiety likes to Fuel the fire for other problems. I recently slept wrong on my neck. Had a crick in my upper back. Nothing I haven't had before, except this time I had been battling prolonged anxiety. I already had other issues such as the needles and pins feeling, stiff and sore muscles, headache. Except now I was dizzy and felt uncoordinated. I began to ice my neck and take ibuprofen. After about a week it all but dissipated. I'm still slightly dizzy, but now only slightly anxious.


With this feeling that I have now, I don't know what exactly is causing it. I don't know if it is even anxiety. I know one of the symptoms of anxiety is off balance and dizziness but could be possible that it's 24/7 just from anxiety?


I ask this all the time can anxiety really do this. Some days I feel the off balance /dizziness more than other days but it's definitely there. And I do try so hard to get my mind off of it but then again my thoughts get the best of me too much and I'm stuck in tunnel vision thinking about why I'm going through this and bam my whole day is lost. Some days I'm alright for the first part and then by night I'm feeling rough and some days it's the other way around. I truly only hope it's only anxiety.


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