Anxiety is controlling my life!

I am at breaking point.. I have suffered a panic attack 6 months ago and since then my life has been horriable. Been told I have ocd and anixty. Due to all the stress of losing my baby 2 years before and being in a abusive relasionship. I have had all the cheat pains, palpitations and breathing feeling odd. Now I've had a headache for 3 weeks, I suffer with migraines but the pains in my head feel like pressure on the top of my head and in my forehead feels like sharp pains or dull pains and each day moves sides. I woke up this morning and my vision was different it really scared me and I didn't know what to do, I tried to get up from my bed and was really dizzy so I sat back down, tried again and pushed myself to keep going, came downstairs and cried. I feel so dizzy and the pains and pressure in my head is unbearable. I've convinced myself I've got a brain tumour, and ita driving me insane. This is controlling my life. I seen the doctors and they said it is a tension headache due to my anixty and stress. I feel like this is never ending. Headachr for 3 weeks and dizziness.


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  • hi beck please don't think ur alone coz ur not talk to me anytime I been through rough times and I will understand.why dint u ask ur doctor for counciling so u can talk all this out to someone mYbe even grief counciling loosing a baby is very traumatic as well being in an abusive relationship take back the control that abuses like to have over u and start feeling better abt itself u will be ok massaged ur head with some cream I do That and it helps my headaches try relaxin technics goodluck🍀 and take care of urself

  • I have been doing cbt theopy, and it helped for a little bit but now my life is spiralling out of control.. it's controlling my everyday life... I had all the other symptoms first and they slowly went away and are barly noticeable, now it's the headaches for 3 weeks.. doctors keep telling me im okay and it's nornal for a tension headache but it makes me feel really bad & it's very painful, I just want it to stop so I can carryon with my life.. I used to be so bubbly and happy now nobody wants to be around me! I've pushed a lot of people away and I feel I'm gonna be stuck lile this forever! Constantly worried if theses headache are normal? Thankyou for your reply x

  • u won't be like this 4ever providing u get the help u will be ok promise I have horrible neighbours there making my life hell but now there saying it's me and have reported me to the council I get headaches everyday just like u and it's he'll I have anxiety and can't sleep at night but becks once you get the right help u will be happy again anytime you want to talk I'm here 😊

  • Thank you for replying. I'm so sorry to hear your having all that drama! It's horriable but I don't have anything to stress about so I don't know why I've had a headache for 3 weeks.. it's right in my side of head middle of forehead or above my eye.. I worry so much about a headache that I apparntley give myself one.. then I worry so much about the headache it gets worse! I am so sure it's something serouis! How can anixy make me feel this bad!

  • If your doctor doesn't listen re your headaches go to a and e. At least they will put your mind at rest. Check your blood pressure. Give u x ray if necessary..

  • My doctor and everyone around me have ssid it's only a headache through stress.. I supose I've got to keep telling myself that

  • Hi know exactly what you are going through...please contact me as i would like to speak about it..(

  • Hi sorry to hear that

  • Hello, after reading this post I couldn't help but not reply. I am sorry you have to go through this.

    Anxiety can really mess up your body. It's scary on what it can actually do! I was convinced I had a breathing probably and I'm only 16. After seeing the doctor yesterday, she confirmed it was all anxiety. I also get that feeling of my breathing being odd, I just busy myself throughout the day.

    I've been holding myself tense and I didn't even notice. This is why I get pains across my chest and down my arms. I would just say to yourself that it is all anxiety and stress, because it is.

    You're strong enough to not let this win :) It'll eventually go away and you'll feel 100% better! I use herbal remedies such as the brand make 'Rescue Remedy'. It really calms me down before an attack.

    Wishing you the best :)

  • Yeh i was the same with my breathing was horriable! I thought I was having a heart attack! Luckily I barly get that anymore.. because I've told myself I'm okay. And it worked! Now and again I will feel like I've lost my breathe and skipped a beat but I try not to work myself up.. and it dissapperars! Just these headaches are so intense and constant, it's a whole new worry!

  • I'm glad that has somewhat got better for you.

    It'll all eventually go :)

  • Yeah these headaches are so worrying though.. I'm so worrird it's not just from anixty

  • If you've been to a doctor and they tell you it's just anxiety, then it probably is. A doctor knows better than us :)

  • Yeh.. I supose but anixy giving me a headache for 3 weeks! It's hard to believe

  • If it would help put your mind at rest, then you could go see your doctor again. :)

  • Seen them lile 8 times in last 2 weeks.. keep telling me its a tension headache.. can anixty give you constant headaches?

  • If you are constantly tense, then yes. Tension causes your muscles to ache, most of the time you don't even know you're doing it. I do it a lot and get aches across my chest and shoulders. While I've been tensing, I've been waking up with a headache most morning as it aches around my neck too.

    I am no doctor but if they keep telling you it's just a tension headache, then it most likely is. :)

  • Yeh i supose.. I don't feel like I stress about anything though but I felt like that when I was getting the chest pains and all that too! I woke up today without a headache just tight around my back of head.. but about 430 I started getting a pain and a headache in the front of my head in forehead at the side, I guess it's just stress through the day? Is this nornal to have a headache due to stress? And it feels like a burning like a ache not always a headache just a pain.. so maybe a knot.

  • Well if you woke up better today, it may be getting better. Stress can cause headaches and many other things too.

    I don't really know much about this. I know that tension can cause a headache and stress. If you had a tumour, you would be having many other problems too, not just a headache.

    You could be suffering from cluster headaches. I would recommend that if it doesn't go soon then maybe return to the doctor again?

  • Yeah this morning woke up and headache is back! I am going to meet my ex boyfriend today though! So that might be making me stressed! So do you think the headaches are not anything serouis? Just through stress

  • As I said, I am no doctor. If you've been told it's a tension headache then it most likely is :)

    If you cannot put your mind at rest then you could simply have an x-ray or something like that.

    I'm like 99% sure you are totally fine.

  • If you keep going to the doctor that many times, I would finally ask the doctor if he can schedule u for a scan or x- ray of your head just to make sure that nothing is being missed and it will put your mind at ease. I ask my doctors ifbu felt like I just need to be sure everything is ok. Sometimes you need to be assertive with the doctors they are only human and make mistakes also. It's better to be a little over obsessed and have validation, since you are having pain that you never had before

  • I've been so many times and they keep telling me its anixty.. because I have no other symptoms and I've looked it up that headaches are main symptom of anixty, and it is normal, because it's not stopping me from doing anything else. I think if I went got a brain scan id be wasteing their time and looking silly. Because I am fine within myself

  • Thankyou! So stress and anixty can cause these headaches? It's really bad today! And painful! But I feel good in myself! Other than that! And I don't wanna keep going doctors need to break this cycle! But it has been stupidly hot recently & works been stressing me out and family relasionships bla bla.. so sounds about right a stress headache! Just want it to go!!

  • Headaches can be painful and annoying. The best thing to do is to drink plenty, so dehydration doesn't make it worse. Also, treat it :) I use something called 'Head Soothe'. It is brilliant for headaches.

  • Lavender is also soothing and helps

  • Thankyou for your advice! So do you think my headaches are just anixty related?

  • Yes! I wake up in the morning with these headaches and will get head pressure throughout the day :)

  • Yeh its just a constant pain in side of my head.. and it changes sides everyday & it's in my forehead.. and sometimes it's so intense other times its not so bad

  • You just need to relax more :) Tension is your main problem for these headaches. If you look on Google, headaches are really common with anxiety. Just don't dig too deep into Google, I do this all the time and think I have everything. :)

  • Yeah I supose :/ just headaches are scary, I do suffer wth migraines but just a like numb pain in my head it makes me feel lile one side of my head is numb can't feel it, fed up.of this everyday!

  • Would it make you feel more at ease if you had an x-ray or something? You could leave it a week or two and go back to your doctor.

  • Noo I don't think it make me feel better because doctors won't even let me have one because it's all my anixty! And do you think that's it?

  • If you had something seriously wrong, then you would have a lot more symptoms then just headaches. :) Anxiety does a lot to your body and it's really not nice. Listen to the doctors, they are professionals after all.

    Take care :)

  • Yeah it's headaches temple pain, pain in my eyes sometimes, and pain all over my head today espically temples been tight and making me want to close my eyes, but do you think that's all anixty related.. and where I worry so much about it that's why it won't go away get better and stays for longer?

  • Do you hold yourself tense? Sometimes you don't even know you're doing it.

    The more you worry, the worse it'll be. You worrying feeds anxiety and makes everything 10x worse.

  • I don't know I supose so cus all day everyday I'm talking about my headaches or my pains in my head.. or stressing about work or my boyfriend or what am I gonna do tonight.. I guess that all can make me tense.. but do u think the headaches and temple pains and eye pains are all anixty:/

  • I do. I suggest you try and not talk about them so much :) I know it's hard to take your mind off it but if it might help. Take medication to help with the pain if needed.

  • Do you think these headaches will ever stop.. x

  • Yeah :)

  • Just frustrating these headaches everyday!

  • Beckxx3, these muscle contraction (tension) headaches do eventually go away. I had them daily and at times the pain was debilitating. I had an MRI which just proved that they were muscle tightness and trigger points due from anxiety. I had many sessions of physical therapy to help reduce the tightness in the back of my head, temples, forehead. I was taught what I could do at home to provide myself with relief from the immense pain w/o resorting to medication. In between getting the contraction headaches, I would get monthly and mid cycle migraines. I learned the difference in the pain but the level of intensity was the same for both, again because being tense from anxiety promotes our pain level to excel. That's when talking therapy started, biofeedback, hypnosis, anything and everything to relax those tense muscles. One day it just stopped. I can't remember when or how it happened, but I woke up and there was no head pain. The more you fret over these headaches the longer they go on. There are medications that can be taken to reduce the number of headaches you get (which are not pain pills). If taking over the counter or prescription pain pills you must be sure not to use them frequently because then you cause yet another kind of pain called rebound headaches. I guess what I'm saying in a long round about way, is yes they will stop. x

  • Thankyou for your reply! I'm so fed up of these headaches! Today I have a tight pain around back of my head, everyday it's something different! I normally have pains in my forehead and some days it is agony, every morning I wakeup and think so myslf have I got a headache.. then I give mysdlf a headache I supose by thinking about it? If I get myself distracted and busy the headache is barly noticeable but when the headache goes completely it feels odd because I'm so used to having these headaches now! Just want to be normal again, all the panic symptoms and everhthing else has eased so well, so once these headaches go I think I will be on the way to getting over my anixty! But do you think these headaches are not anything serouis then?

  • Haven't had a headache all day.. was reallt good now in bed and visions gone funny canr see atall.. headache coming feel sick and dizzy and not right.. I do suffer wth ura migraines.. so is it just that but where I'm worrying so much it's making it worse and making me hot and flustered x

  • I was going to say that it sounded like an aura migraine. The worrying will definitely make it worse as well as making you hot and flustered. You need to lie down in a dark cool room and start relaxation and deep breathing. If done properly, you may even fall asleep for a while. When you get migraines and get agitated, your pressure rises making all the symptom 10x worse. I wish you well soon. x

  • mine is getting worse as i get older..its caused by guys getting close to me, maybe me worrying about myself i dont know please help it contorlling my daily life at work and everything...overthinking unconcioulsy wihtout even realizing it.

  • Hi robzxrobz, not sure what you mean by guys getting close to you. Wanting to date you??

  • Yeh its horriable just got to take each day step by step x

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