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Head pressure.. Anxiety?

I'm going through this too. I've had a ct scan, MRI scan and a angiogram to rule out 'stroke'. Thankfully I got the all clear and I put it all behind me, but here I am again going through it all over again.

The pressure is mostly at the top and back of my head. It's feels as though someone is squashing my head.

I feel dizzy and have motion sickness. I have a strange cold sensation on my face and mouth:(

I feel really lost, the dr's have prescribed me beeta blockers and cetalopram and virtigo tablets and I still feel no better.

I'm scared that it's something bad, I've had some big tests done so I need to remind myself of it, like others though I find it hard to believe that stress and anxiety can bring these symptoms on.

I've recently had some awful news too so I doubt I'll get better anytime soon.

I wish life could go on hold while I'm like this but unfortunately it keeps going and the stress just keeps on coming and I'm not well enough to deal with it:(

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Stay strong bud I'm going threw the same right now you're not alone


I had very similar symptoms that went on and on for months. It's good you had the MRI, I had cat scan also. Couldn't take the virtigo meds- only made me drowsy. I can just tell you what I did. At my wits end I started doing Code every day for up to 20 mins at a time. The Healing Code by Alex Loyd- book is widely available. It got all of this under control for me. I am forever grateful for this tool. Gives me so much peace and I don't feel unmanageable stress. it is a tool specifically for removing stress from the body and they sugest you doit for 6 mins 3 times daily. As I said I have done it for 20 mins at a time sometimes simply because I feel so great while I'm doing it. An 8 year old child could learn how to do it in a few minutes. This gave me control over my life- it's been huge. I am learning that these symptoms were probably being caused by auto immune thyroid condition- hashimotos. Best wishes x


Thanks:) I have an under active thyroid and take levonthyroxine daily to manage this. Can you tell me a bit more about auto immune thyroid thing? X


I felt exactly the same, I had terrible pressure headaches and felt achy, sick and dizzy constantly. I too had an MRI to rule out anything wrong with my brain. They have prescribed me amitriptyline to help keep my anxiety on a low which has really helped with my headaches etc however I still wasn't happy with myself so demanded a blood test which I need to go and see my doctor and discuss my results about. I hope I have helped a little and I hope you feel better soon




Ive been through all of the test you've named plus a spinal tab and die ran through my body looking for a blood clot in my lungs. I got a super bill of health after having numerous test ran. I just knew something was badly wrong because i had a headache for 3 months straight. I never got relief, wake up with it and go to sleep with it. Then, POW! Out of no where extreme anxiety attacks! Now not only my head hurting,now i cant breathe. Please get medical help for stress and anxiety before it gets out of hand like mine. Its been a long road for me. I even tried to convince the doctor that i had something seriously wrong with my head. I've found that speaking with others with or that has had anxiety helps ALOT! Ive even learned to talk myself out of the small anxiety attacks . Try to always remind yourself that your in good health and its just anxiety. I also get up and go outside and make up things to do to get my mind off the anxiety.

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I had a weird head pressure like, brain. After i stopped focusing on it, it stopped.

I guess its one reason why im not desperate to get an mri is becausemy symptoms keep changing once i accept the old ones.

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