Is this cold getting anxiety over worrying

Hey guys so last 2 weeks I've had a nasty cold that's been coming and going and it's came back. I literally get about 2 hours sleep most nights (unrelated to cold I play games) I know staying up till about 5am can make me even worse. Aside that I feel really just unwell, sometimes dizzy and just feel sick occasionally and just not myself. I'm extremely tired but I had a sleep and now my body clocks all ruined and I feel even worse. I had a cough and I've got an extremely blocked nose sinus pain and coughing up a lot of flem. Doctor said it was a virus. Also can it make your had have slight pains and just feel heavy? Does this sound like a cold? And before anyone says flu it isn't haha I had flu and oh my it was bad.


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5 Replies

  • Olly i feel you. Same condition. Will it ever end. Your body will eventually say that's enough and start healing itself. In the meantime do what it takes to help yourself heal yourself.

    Keep your mind activated but slow it down also.

    Good health to you.

  • The cold that's going round at the moment is a nasty one that's quite flu-like, usually I can keep going and sleeping to an extent with a cold, but this one I couldn't leave the house for a week, got a fever, was sick once, achey, couldn't sleep for violently shivering. And now I've got a cough and fatigue which can apparently linger on for another few weeks. So I think it is just a cold, just a bad one. Get regular paracetamol, drink lots of fluids, rest up and it will pass.

  • Sounds exactly like a cold, loads of them going round at the moment, take it easy, hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you all of you, I'm accepting it's just a horrible horrible cold, never felt one like this other than flu but I know it's not that it's really annoying. Thank you so much guys

  • Definitely a cold. As you said you've had it for a long time and also you're not sleeping a lot and your body is already tired from the cold which would explain the dizziness. I had a nasty stomach flu on New Year's Eve. Been sick 8 times I slept for pretty much two days eating nothing and barely drinking. The first time I got out of bed I was really dizzy and walking around made me rock side to side and I had to hold on to something. That day when I finally ate and drank I go some energy but the next day I was still dizzy especially when walking around as I was still recovering. I wouldn't worry once the cold is gone you'd be able to pick yourself up and feel better

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