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Dizziness and head pressure


I'm 26. Female.

For over a year now i have felt the following:

Headache, head pressure mostly in forehead. Pins and needles in my head. Dizziness. Stiff neck.

These pains and vary from being there all day to on and off. But I know everyday I wake up I'll feel one of them or more. Up nt know how it started I just woke up one day with a bad headache and it never went! I've had CT scan (clear) been on severel medication for dizziness and headaches. Seen a neurologist who told me my brain seemed normal. I'm not convinced and have referred myself back to him. I want an MRI, I know CT scans are good but I don't think I'll be fully happy until I get one. I constantly feel hungover it's the best way to describe it. It's ruining my life and im scared to death something is seriously wrong. I was such an outgoing, popular party animal. Now I spend my life indoors worrying about my head. Sometimes the head pressure or dizziness will come on out of the blue and will be strong. This always makes me panick. Anybody else feel like that? :(

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Yes I get the head pressure, dizziness, etc. They are telling me it's all anxiety. I just started on buspiron but that's making my symptoms worse. I was on lexapro in the past that seems to help. Ij just don't understand it all. Why the constant head foggy, stuffy, vertigo, lightheadedness. Good luck to you try not to think about it to much. Take care


Hi I've been feeling a lot better a lately but today I've got the head pressure feel sick n dizzy n off balance almost feel again Asif I'm gonna call apse n it's pretty strong today most I've experienced in a while tbh bout been here before I know it will ease eventually but coz I avent experienced it in a while it's worrying me more today it really is uncomfortable feeling my eyes feel heavy too

JLou in reply to Kirsty456

I get days where my eyes really play up. Blurred vision, they feel strained if I move them


Last year I lived your life. Started in July. Dizziness followed up with the head pressure. My vision was off, like I was walking around with a new pair of glasses with a high prescription. Doc put me on antibiotic for possible sinus infection. Didn't work. Pressure increased, probably due to worry. A nosebleed finally brought me to the hospital. I thought for sure it was related to sonething bad. CT scan came back good and I have not had a nosebleed since. I found this site, read others stories and have somehow learned to come to terms with anxiety. I have good days and bad but I refuse to let it rule my life any longer. It is not stronger than my God. I pray and He takes care of me. He will decide when it is my time to go home. We can not control it, so I no longer fear of dying. Why waste my time on earth worrying so much I thought. I am letting it win. I have come a long way. I hope this helps you. Hang in there and just live your life. We don't get long here so dont miss out on all the joys.

Anxious-for- in reply to Hidden

Amen! I have battled chronic dizziness/vertigo/imbalance for the last 4 months...It all started in church when I was talking to someone I felt dizzy/off balance all of a sudden...during worship...My hands were lifted and I felt weakness in my left arm...so I eventually sat down. Had an MRI done that week...it was normal. All blood work was normal, EKG's are always normal. Went to vestibular therapy, that seemed to initially help some, but later seemed to make me feel worse. I just pray, take the meclizene when I absolutely need it and try to keep living/moving beyond these symptoms. I'm now a single Mom of 3 kids that need me. All of the pressure of taking care of us is on me on my teacher's salary. I'm sure there is some stress and anxiety involved. I also have chest pains, restricted breathing, pvc's, heart fluttering, random sharp pains throughout my body and head pressure/tightness on the lower right side, and TMJ pain. I could go on with these annoying symptoms that plague my body every day, but I have resolved that I'm in God's hands. When it's time to meet the Father of all spirits it will just be my time. I can't live life worrying about when that will be...I've just got to live my life in such a way that my soul is ready when He calls. It's a daily process. Each day you live your life is a new victory!

Thankyou everyone. I've never actually been diagnosed with anxiety from any of my doctor appointments! Can anxiety really cause such physical symptoms?! I'm still convinced I have a brain tumour! Will anything help if this anxiety? Or will I feel like this forever! I'm scared about that part the most

Naddy in reply to JLou

This is how I feel every day I feel ur pain I'm literally obsessed with thinking I have a brain tumour the weird head symptoms are so weird and hard to explain but like u I feel hungover everyday and constant head rush feeling, really draining I don't even feel anxious tho this is what bothers me 😔 Hope u get some answers soon xx

Since you are only 26, I am wondering if you started birth control pills at that time. Birth control pills can affect your hormones. I could never take them since they made me feel more depressed and anxious. I know that when it's that time now, I will get bad headache a day before and nothing helps until I begin my period, then it goes away. Check with your doctor. Our hormones really affect us and they change as we age. Just a thought . Good luck and hope all your tests come back normal.

I haven't been on birth control for over 3 years. My periods are always SO heavy! My symptoms can be worse the week before. My mum is convinced it's to do with hormones, but the doctor just shrugged it off.

I'm not an anxious person. Only since feeling like this as I'm now worrying. Before hand I didn't have a care in the world. Good job, great family, loving friends. It's ruining it all

So I won't get to see the neurologist until January! I'm really disappointed with this :( my head pressure went for a few days and now it's back even worse than before! It runs all the way down my nose and across my eye!

Ayzzie in reply to JLou

Hi jlou. How are you doing now? Its been over a year now . Have you been diagnose?

I would experience off balance & weird head sensations several years ago but they would last like a day or a week & be gone. For the past 4 years, however, I have had it pretty steadily. There are good days & there are bad days because the dizziness/off balance feeling changes intensity. I do notice when I do a new activity that requires my complete attention, I don't notice that weird sensation anymore. I'm learning to relax when the sensation comes on, relax into it because if you panic, your body goes into fight or flight response and dumps major stress hormones causing the dizziness/head pressure to get worse. It's frustrating to have to live this way but I believe if we once had normal lives, then we can "convince" our brain to be normal again. I have health anxiety & can pretty much convince myself that I have any disease of choice. Anxiety can mimic any disease symptoms. 10 years ago, I convinced myself that I was going to have a heart attack & I had chest pains all the time. Had several EKG's, X-Rays, monitor for three days just to be told that my heart is in excellent condition, it took many months to convince my brain that my heart is good but eventually I did & chest symptoms vanished. One day I will convince my brain that I don't have brain cancer & these symptoms too shall pass. Be strong & keep fighting the good fight. It can disappear as quickly as it came on. Take care.

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