Anxiety - head pressure and nerve pain

Have any of you experience constant head pressure and/or nerve pain from anxiety?

I first had constant left sided head pressure started from a month of intense anxiety/stress thinking I had a brain tumor. I then got a CT Sinus and MRI which I was was fine after but a week later this horrible left side head pressure by my temple began and stayed with me for 6 weeks. I went to a chiropractor who did a neck adjustment which relieved the head pressure but then I experienced nerve pain all over my body with some numbness in my feet . It feels like electric shocks all over and numbness that started in my toes. The head pressure stayed away for 3 months until returning recently in the same spot on top of the nerve pain which I'm still having.

I've had all the MRIs on neck/spine/head, MRAs, EMG/Nerve, and bloodwork possible. At this point I know the head pressure came with stress and possibly the chiropractor relieving the tension helped but the rest of me was so tense my nerves became severely irritated. I'm just not sure how to get rid of the head pressure that has returned again and is constantly with me 24/7 when I wake up at night or during the day. It's a pressure feeling like a rock is pushing on my head and is real intense at times. The only thing that relieves it is applying pressure to it,massage, or a hot shower.

Could this be a stress related migraine? My body just feels so sick and worn down from constant pains. I've started 10MG of Amphityrline to see if that helps.


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2 Replies

  • I had this exact thing before, not the nerve pain just the head pain that wouldnt go. It turned out that chewing gum was the cause. It was the sweetners that was causing my pain. I dont suppose u have chewing gum and drink diet drinks. I am having issues with pain/burning side/back of head, behind ear. Its driving me nuts atm

  • Are u better now??

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