Is this really anxiety?

Looking for help because I'm at my witts end! I'm constantly dizzy and it's get worse throughout the day especially when I sit down at night, I recently found out both my ears were blocked and used ear drops from docs which has made them worse and the pressure in my head, could this be causing my dizziness? I've tried everything given up smoking, caffeine, gluten I take magnesium and vitamin b12. I'm tried off crying all the time I feel like I'm letting my little boy down cause I'm too scared to go out 😣😣


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  • It's sounds like anxiety, has the doctors not offered you any type of plan to try to sort this out?

  • I have a neurologist app on Tuesday but I've had to pay private the docs gave me beta blockers said it was migraine they didn't work, Prozac made my dizziness worse and then they gave me diazepam which I don't want to take cause I have a little one and I'm a single mom they gave me buccasrem and they just made me sleeping nothing takes the dizziness and nausea away 😣

  • Look into bananas they are natural beta blockers, check it out on Google. No side effects with those.

  • Diazepam does not always make you fall off to sleep , often it just relaxes you, but as with any medication and having a young child only take when you have another adult present , to supervise your Baby should you fall to sleep, the first dose may well make you sleep if your sleep has been disrupted for a long time. I take it and have never fallen to sleep with it , it merely relaxes me, makes anxiety not as unbearable. But everyone is different. Just remember it is only to be used for short periods, but could help you in short term. xx

  • Hello Kirstynaomi, my anxiety makes me feel dizzy and off balance everyday. I take 25mg Meclizine (sea sick medicine). I buy it at my local pharmacy for $3.99 for 100 chewables. You can buy it anywhere but make sure the only ingredient is Meclizine. You can also try Bodine or any other sea sick meds. Ive never tried them because their only 12.5 mg. The Meclizine is 25mg. Go to your local pharmacy, or call them, and ask if they have it. It is sold by the name "Meclizne". You can also order it online at Here is the listing. It will also releive your nausea. I've ordered from there before, came right to my door, really fast shipping. I hope this will help you! Keep in touch!

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  • I'm willing to try anything I'm at my wits end with it I feel like a shadow of who I used to be

  • Keep yourself busy, don't sit around and dwell on it. Keeping busy is the key.

  • A couple of months ago I was struck with severe dizziness. I was in and out of the hospital because of how sick I was and my physician prescribed me some anti depressants for my anxiety and after countless visits he was persistent that it was my anxiety and that I should also work on eating healthy and what not. While I know that anxiety can cause a lot of crazy symptoms, I wasn't sure as to how physically ill it was making me that aniexty was the case. I started getting better with no changes in my life and I would good for about two months and not I am back at the starting point. When I had gotten better I stopped taking the anti depressants and every other medication I was taking due to them only making me worse I feel. My recent visit to my pyshican, he's thinking it's my anxiety again and I'm so very scared because of how crimpling this dizziness was the last time 😣 I'm really hoping it passes as I was able to get a job during the months that I was feeling better but when I was sick I was never able to barely get out of bed. I feel like it's easy for doctors to say that it's related to anxiety just because anxiety can do a lot to a person but I also feel that they are stumped and don't know how else to go about it so anxiety it is 😒 Anyways you're not alone and I hope we can get better, I take Dramamine dizziness pills to help some with the dizziness and I feel that they are the only thing that even remotely helps a little bit, you can get them over-the-counter hope this helps.

  • Thanks it's so debilitating I feel like I'm never going to get back to the old me, I feel like doctors just keep fobbing me off it took four appointments to get one to just look at my ears which they discovered were blocked with was and having to pay private to see a neurologist to hopefully get somewhere is hurtful I pray that one day I can be back to the old me again I do keep myself busy on a daily having a 3 year old certainly keeps me active but the panic and fear of dizziness and passing out is always their because so is the dizziness too, I hope we both can find a solution soon x

  • Yes,just be persistent and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Same goes to you both x

  • Hi, Kirsty! I'd like to keep in touch if I may as although I have been diagnosed with GAD for some time, I have recently been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia by an Endocrinologist and 2 weeks ago was admitted to hospital for 3 days due to severe dizziness which they found to be due to sudden drops in blood pressure for no reason. I'm seeing a neurologist via the NHS on Friday. I'm so sorry you are going through this, and sorry that you've had to pay to go privately! I sure hope there is an answer for both of us!! Sending you hugs! xxxxx

  • Yes definitely I can't help but think theirs someone underlining going on cause sometimes I my dizziness is moderate and then gets worse it fluctuates, fingers crossed my app goes well it's the same docs that diagnosed my mother with ms so hopefully I'll find out soon, keep in touch I hope they help get you all sorted soon xxxxx

  • Thank you, Kirsty! My endocrinologist has already spoken to the neurologist and believes something neurological is amiss. I'm so sorry that your Mum is having to deal with MS - my Mum's sister has it too! Oh gosh - I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed for both of us that this turns out to be from a benign cause! I'll let you know how I get on at my appointment tomorrow. xxxxx

  • My fingers are crossed for you too! Good luck for today xxxx

  • Hi Kirstynaomi it is frustrating when it seems it's up to us to figure out ourselves, what we have. i went thru severe dizziness last year and had my blood /thyroid/etc checked multiple times till i finally believed that yes it was anxiety. for me though, it was about slowing down, doing less, as thru my research of my personal symptoms that i had besides the dizziness, i saw that i fit all the signs of adrenal fatigue, so only by slowing down and resting more (not being more busy) did i finally get to where the dizziness calmed down and i had less panic attacks. unfortunately each doctor is so specialized in their field, that they don't really look at the whole picture, and i had to look at all my symptoms as a whole to discover on my own that i likely had adrenal fatigue and when i treated it as that, i slowly got better. i pray you are able to sort it out and find what's best for you. the dizziness is horrible, i couldn't even drive for a while when i went thru that and it still comes back every now and then, but i just slow down, when it does. Blessings :)

  • I'm willing to try anything I just want to feel some sort of normality again it's horrible to feel not in control of your own body xxxxx

  • I feel this everyday all day message me hun.... Maybe we can help each other

  • You may need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist to check out whether or not you have an inner ear blockage or some other condition that is causing your dizziness. There are also medications for dizziness (betahistine). I had dizziness for a while but it's not too troublesome now. I am pretty sure mine was caused by new meds. as well as anxiety. I have taken to using a cane so that if I feel dizzy, I have a bit of extra support. However, the dizziness is not very bothersome. Good luck!!

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