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Health anxiety ruining my life


Hi everyone this is my first time posting on a forum like this, I just don't know what to do anymore. Around this time a year ago I was fine and living a completely normal life, sure I had my bouts of anxiety and use to take anti anxiety meds but it was never really serious. Then last September I started getting this pain/pressure in my head while at work that really freaked me out, at one point I thought I was having a stroke, it was impossible to focus during the attacks and it felt like I wasn't in reality if that makes any sense, anyways I ended up going to the ER eventually and they told me it was just a migraine, well to make a long story short since these headache attacks I've been a complete mess and constantly worried. In the past 9 months I've thought I had a brain tumor, heart tumor, brain parasite, ALS, MS, muscular dystrophy, meningitis, stomach cancer etc, I've been in and out of the ER ive had 2 Cat Scans, chest x-rays, more blood tests than I can count, a 30 day heart monitor, the tests always come back normal and every doctor says it's just anxiety. I don't understand how my anxiety got so bad that it's giving me this many physical symptoms of just feeling tired and sick and constantly in pain, I'm unemployed now and I can barely get out of bed. Everyday I feel like my cognitive state gets worse it's hard to focus and I just feel so detached from myself and people around me. I can't think straight, I don't go out anymore, I don't watch movies, I just lay around feeling miserable. It's like the initial headaches kick-started something in me and it's just gotten worse and worse since. I'm trying to accept that it's just health anxiety but it feels so real, I'm making an appointment with a psychiatrist soon but in the meantime I was just wondering if any of you have had an experience with something like this?

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I just had an episode today. Chest pain, headaches, arm pain seemed like delayed heart beat, muscle twitches. Just new I was either gonna have a heart attack or stroke, and it lasted for a very long time. Please know that you’re not alone! I’m glad ur planning to see a psychiatrist.

foxglove_pnw in reply to Mel6755

I can totally relate !

I woke up with really bad back pain and that made me think I was gonna have a heart attack ! My jaw started to hurt so I took my blood pressure , my oxygen level and when I noticed that my heart rate was getting high and my anxiety was taking over me ....I took a few Advils and went for a long walk ! It took a while but I started to feel better 🙏🏻

I also suffer form health anxiety so I understand how you feel !

Yes , It does feel real ! I have suffer from it for many years.

Medication will definitely help you ! I take Lexapro , yoga and attend a weekly support group ! CBT therapy is suppose to be great ! I haven’t tried it yet but it is on my list as a coping skill !

I don’t know how to completely get rid of health anxiety but I can assure you , it can get better ! You can go back to enjoying life again !!!!

I am so glad you are seeing a psychiatrist soon ! This message board is also really good for emotional support and to learn new coping skills !

I am glad you are here ! ❤️

Do you ever get head pain all the time I’m scared as well

I used to wake up with a headache everyday ! I found out it I had sleep apnea so now with the CPAp I don’t get them anymore !

Have you talk to your doctor about it ?

On Monday I’m going for an appointment

Good luck !

Hi Outofmyhead

I'm currently going through a really bad belt of health anxiety, so know where you are coming from.

I've had endless tests all normal but still feel like there is something wrong. Doctors all saying it's anxiety or anxiety induced IBS. Been to osteopath for second opinion. Why I just can't except the doctors word and test results. Also have an ultrasound next week. I always say if this test comes back normal I'll be okay and I am for two days then the doubt creeps in "maybe the missed something"

I'm currently paying for private counselling and awaiting CBT on the NHS (6 month wait)

I've recently had a baby and my health anxiety has ruined the first few months of his life. I've been consumed with worry instead of enjoying my baby.

So you're not alone. Just remember what you feel is real. Your brain tells your body it feels pain, it's just that the brain can't tell what's physical pain and what psychological pain.

Hope that helps. Message me if you want to chat.


Maybe think about having your thyroid tested. I have Hashimotos and had the most bizarre symptoms for about 2 years. It was bad but now I only deal with vaso vagal syncope. I an going through menopause and think this is why I have problems. Before this I was never sick and never missed work. Good luck and keep up with hobbies you enjoy and time for yourself. Never feel guilty for saying no! That was the first thing I had to learn.

Oh yeah... My health anxiety is horrible! So many symptoms you wouldn't believe. My muscle tension was killing me and did a test to see if it was some underlying stress I did have but not immediate. I tried to relax really, really hard for me, and low n behold I could feel first the tension,pressure dissapate. Finally the pain and nausea disappeared! I'm always getting checked out by the doctors so that helps too.

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