is it health anxiety

hi all i have been having weird pains and symptoms what just started out of no where about 3 to 4 weeks ago and still the same now i went to sleep fine woke up next morning and had these weird pains and symptoms what have lasted weeks i do have anxiety but never this bad if it is health anxiety the pains are like stabbing shooting pains around the body tingling hands and feet sweating lots and getting really hot really light headed when i get up most the time can't walk straight weird vision and like a dizzy feeling sometimes and have stabbing head pains in both left and right sides of the head at different times what come and go thru out the day and sometimes in different places of the head and sometimes feel sick most times or like a burning feeling in stomach and have heartburn a lot and get a dry mouth too i am really worried mainly about the head pains as i have had them for 3 to 4 weeks everyday i am so worried that it is something serious or is it just anxiety ? really need help as i keep crying and worrying about what it could be

also i constantly worry about my health and and can't stop thinking i am very sick or going to die

any advise would be appreciated


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  • I've been suffering the same symptoms and have been seen by about every doctor I can. I have not found any relief or answers. It's miserable.

  • Try an anti-anxiety medication like Ativan. I didn't think I had anxiety but it took away the symptoms whle I was in the ER. Talk to your doctor about a prescription.

  • These are all exact symptoms of panic disorder, a type of anxiety. You probably had a panic attack. I for one have the opposite, I l've never have had anxiety problems or symptoms until this year and have not had any traumic experience happen to me. I have all the symptoms you have but with abdominal discomfort after eating.

  • I was diagnosed with anxiety 2 years ago. I always have different symptoms. I will be fine for months and then a new symptom will pop up and the cycle will start all over again. Right now I am experiencing the sharp shooting pains all over my body and in places where I have lymph nodes. I always think I have cancer and that the doctors missed something which is why my health anxiety always comes back. Anxiety is a terrible thing.

  • Yes I am with you on this and you are not alone. I have had anxiety since I was about 14 yrs old. For different reasons at 14 because I was affraid to die and I couldn't get a handle on it then around 25 yrs old I had fear I was going to go crazy took me 10 years to completely get a hold of myself and understand how devastating anxiety can be from the help of Claire weeks in her book hope and help for your nerves now you can you tube her but back in the early 90's before internet it was so hard to get help and I would suffer in silence. I was fine for 15 years and when I turned 50 my anxiety manifested itself in a new and very strange way because now I feel that my body is getting older so I was convinced that I was dying because I had a dizzy spell which spun me into severe panic. Ambulance was called a rush to the ER and after chest X-rays, MRI of my head, heart exam, mammogram, eye exam, blood work and anything else I could do to eliminate a possible illness all turned out fine. But I was feeling worse than any previous bouts with anxiety. Trembling in different parts of my body for no reason, dizziness, sudden jolts of fear and the most disturbing was this terrible feeling I would have while I was asleep. I would wake up with my heart pounding and anxiety. I would walk myself through it terrified and convinced I was going crazy or had a brain tumor after many weeks and Xanax I was able to stop it only to now begin to dose off and feel scared sinking feeling which causes me to open my eyes real quick I try to calm myself down and say it's another form of anxiety but am so tired and have gotten insomnia because of it. It is 4:30am and I am up because every time I dose off I get the same feelings of fear in the pit of my stomach. so yes other people experience what you are and if you have done all testing and all tests are fine then you are suffering from another form of anxiety and I suggest you first reach out to your creator pray and also get Dr. Claire weeks books on anxiety hope and help for your nerves and peace from nervous suffering and you tube her it will help you tremendously. Good luck and GOD bless you and all out there That are suffering from this awful anxiety.

  • My 1st panic attack was at 30 yrs old. After about 5 years it stopped. Now I'm nearly 40 and its started again. I wondered if it's hormone related. It's weird yours started again at 50. I hate the feeling you get when you're battling with your own mind that it's anxiety and not heart problems etc. 🙁

  • Thank you for all the advise I am 16 I have had a blood test I don't know what one it came back normal that's the only test I have but I can't stop thinking that i have something wrong with me I keep searching up my symptoms on the internet and they all come up with some kind of awful things and I don't think that helps with my anxiety my mum just says my headaches are my epilepsy but never experienced headaches like this before I try to keep telling my self it anxiety but evertime the pain in my head comes back I think it's something really bad and then start crying because I can't cope

  • Considering that your symptoms started suddenly and what they are, (I have a lot of them) I wonder if you have taken an antibiotic at any time in the last months or even a year prior. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics in particular can cause these things, often with the symptoms delayed. Can you check and see if you have taken any? For me that was the culprit. If you have, then you must not take any more, and there are things to be done too feel better. You won't die, don't worry (even if it is only anxiety, you won't die and you're not alone) Feel free to write back, particularly if you have taken an antibiotic (for any health problem) and I'll give you some good places to look for help.

  • Unfortunately health anxiety can cause so many problems. I have headaches and because of my anxiety my brain has become sensitised and I am experiencing all sorts of problems

  • I have had head pain for a few months and mine is caused by anxiety

  • i have all these weird pains and sensations its so scary i don't know what it could be causing it

  • Hello I get what you are saying I have all these symptoms for around 3 months and have been told I have health anxiety. I am waiting on cbt as do not want to take medication incase of any side effects. Here if you need a chat :) take care x

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