Women Is it just me??

Alright so i need women's advice..

Iam about to get my menstrual in a few days but iam feelin Like complete Crap!

Heart is racing every now and then. Getting Super Bad panic attacks out of no where and the derealization is getting really bad. Sleep becomes hard around this time. As anxiety rises the closer i get to my Date..... Maybe other women suffer different symptoms from me But i need some advice or Similar related experiences... Its so scary even when iam on medication it still gets me..


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  • I'm sorry you feel crappy.

    I have the same things going on the week before "shark week." It's horrible. Sometimes I can't even sleep, I'll stay up till 4am. Then once it comes, things relax a bit. Then start up again right before I ovulate. I've asked my gyno, he said to relax. Lol...yah ok! I think I get 2 "ok" weeks a month.

  • You are not alone!! I'm sorry others go through this but thankful you shared because I was starting to think I'm going crazy!

  • Ugh thank god iam not alone this is drving me crazy.. Hate it so much

  • i get that too it sucks :(

  • Yes defenitley:(

  • Ive been like that for ages and latest blood test showed ive started menopause. ive just turned 43. Feel like im going crazy now!

  • So sorry to hear it sucks

  • What test? My doctor told me the tests are unreliable because there is such a wide range of values

  • The FSH hormone test is the one i meant. What about thyroid tests, has your gp done any of these? X

  • Yupp my thyroid is good. She did find High cholesterol and Risk of diabetes. But iam working on that.

  • Yes. Normal. She said FSH is difficult because you have to know precisely where you are in your cycle to know what range to review.

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