Is it just me???

Hey loves!! Haven't posted in a while.. hope you all are doing well and ready to welcome summer!! Okay so when I'm on social media, and I see things about bad things that have happened to others, cancer caught at stage 4 tho they were cured and survived, I get really scared and think "omg what if that's happening to me right now and I don't even know it" or "omg what if that happens to me or someone I love" is it just me that gets like this?? And gets really anxious and scared of any and every tinge you feel in your body after reading about what happened to someone else?? Ive been having a weird sensation in my lower throat for like a month now, my BF says it's all in my head, but after reading about That on social media today all I can think is "what if it's cancer" idk... I'm just really scared and freakin out smh...


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  • I say to that "I'm fine. I do what I have to as far as screening and exams go. I'm not going to worry about it." I already go to doctors and medical app'ts. far too often as it is. Why would I worry more? No way, not me. Not going to borrow trouble.

  • Before Dp/dr I use to obsess about illnesses. I thought I had everything I saw on tv or if it happened to someone I would freak. Now Dp/dr doesn't let me focus on that. I'm stuck focusing on it! Nightmare either way. You are fine. Don't let your brain trick you and if you want peace of mind call your Primary Care. Remember Anxiety is a B and you have come along away.

  • Thanks girl you're so right.. but I think maybe I will go to like a throat, ear, nose Dr so I can check my throat cuz I think about it all day everyday and it's gets me so depressed. I think In a way I'm afraid to go tho 😩But you're right. I really cannot stand health anxiety!!!!

  • Maybe allergies? Everyone is suffering from that around this time.....

  • No it's not itchy. It's like a very faint pain almost, or slight pressure or something in my lower throat. At some points throughout the day I feel it. It doesn't hurt tho, hard to explain, just feels odd. And I don't have a sore throat or anything, doesn't hurt when I drink or swallow... so I'm not sure if it's all in my mind or what but imma get it checked out

  • And it's been for like 8 weeks. Ever since I was taking shots of apple cider vinegar straight without diluting 😩I got chest X-rays after that and every was good and the feeling is not as much as it was and even went away after my X-rays but the feeling is back now in my lower thoat

  • Maybe got a bit irritated because of the vinager and it's taking a bit to health because the mouth is wet? I don't know but you are fine. Keep telling yourself that and then go get it checked.

  • Thank you so much!! I did think that but my mind forces me to think the worst. But I'm gonna try

  • I feel like that from time to time. Then I also tell myself how blessed I am. I keep up with my physicals yearly and email or see my doctor when I have a question or something is bothering me. Many years back I used to be a chronic worrier when it came to my health. I thought I was experiencing symptoms of every sickness and disease. I eventually got over it with the help of meds and therapists. I will admit that I need to get my first mammogram soon and I'm am afraid. My sister in law just went through breast cancer and I just can't help but think 'what if'. I don't obsess over it but it's in the back of my mind.

  • Yes this is so me. Every bad news I hear about especially if it's something like,an illness or internal sickness like what you mentioned I automatically think what if this happens to me. I get so scared and can't focus on nothing else. Like its gonna happen to me. And Omg the moment I get the slightest wierd feeling or sensation or cramp or anything I start thinking the worst. It's been so bad for me I had to stop getting on social media for a,while so I won't see bad news to freak me out

  • Omg me too!!!!!! Me too exactly!!!!! That's crazy!! Like exactly how you described is ME!!!! It's so damn debilitating. Like everyone around me will be having a good time and I'll be sitting there feeling hella twinges or the slightest anything and be so fucked up in my mind thinking something is silently killing me smh especially after I see it on Social media smh I get sooooo depressed smh

  • I'm so glad that you posted something about your throat because these past couple of weeks I've been having issues with mine as well. Does it feel like you constantly need to clear your throat or like you are something that just isn't going down? Cause if you are that's exactly what I've been going through too. Of course you google these symptoms and the internet is going to tell you you're dying which is really just a worse case scenario and unfortunately for us that's the first thing that comes to mind, but anxiety and stress can cause your throat to feel those things. I've had it in quite a few days because I've been keeping myself distracted so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  • Yes!!! As far as feeling like something is not going down I literally just started experiencing that part of it today 😩Like I keep swallowing to see if I'm trippin. I read about that symptom yesterday and have it today 😩I don't know to believe myself or not 😩It's so damn annoying

  • I had the exact same problem a few months back, I went to see my gp, but he couldn't see anything wrong with me. I think it's a common anxiety symptom and could also be acid reflux, which i get when I am super stressed / anxious. It's all settled down now thanks to therapy. I'm still having the odd bad day with the health anxiety, usually if I am tired or feeling overwhelmed. Always seem to get a new symptom once an old one is put down to anxiety and it goes away. It suck but I'm getting better at dealing with it now 😊

  • Exactly how things are with me. Like I'll get new symptoms when others have been cleared by tests at the Dr. Somatic Syndrome disorder I believe it's called now.. I still have a long way to go dealing with it..

  • you sound just like my mom ! she is the same way and being around her so much kinda passed on this to me. Everyone is eventually gonna go to that better place, everyone. you can't think what if , you can't think omg do i have this, what if i have that. You're healthy i assume, theres no reason why you're thinking what if I'm like this person because guess what , you're you ! You were created to have your own path. What happens to others won't happen to you. If you have no symptoms, no reason to worry, don't. try not to pay attention to negative things they consume you. your mind plays tricks on you and can make you even think you're having symptoms. if you don't have symptoms of xyz, live your life and worry about xyz when xyz comes. You're on A, you don't have to worry about xyz until you reach xyz. Don't focus too much on what ifs, focus on what you know to be true and what is now. Don't ever focus on the things you can't control or change. My mom is sick and her medication can cause her to go blind, she focuses on dying and she focuses on the side effects of all her medication, and i tell her when you focus on something or fixate on negative things, thats when they happen. she's here right now, she has her eyesight right now , focus on that. focus on what you do have. don't focus on a possibility. a negative one at that ! because i know she's gonna be around for a longgggggg time, and despite her being sick she will manage. but i need her to know it too. just like you have to know it! i know that no matter what I'm gonna make it through, you have to feel that inside you too in order for it to be your truth. don't focus on someone else problems. yes its terrible that people are sick and that this world is terrible sometimes, but if its not your world, don't freak out as if it is. its okay to sympathize, and to help others but don't live in it! thats how stuff consumes you.

    Best regards , i hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you ! <3

  • I understand completely... 1000%.. in fact you sound exactly like me talking to someone else. I really appreciate it girl thank you so much. We share the same thoughts about this, sometimes it's just hard to take your own advice you know, thanks girl, I'm happy we met on here

  • yes its soooo hard to take your own advice, sometimes on here ill be trying to help someone else and I'm like dang i need to be telling myself this! but i hope things get better on your end ,I'm happy we met on here too !

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