Starting to feel...AMAZING😱

4th day on Healthy eating and exercises. And iam feeling aGreat already!! I feel my muscles very sore 😂 But i am more active iam NOT SAD iam More aware and my anxiety... What anxiety? My meds re helping me and the feeling of striving for my Goal is making me so Happy. Iam honestly not even Joking iam very happy and Feeling accomplished. Everyday i feel amazing and ready to go on with the day. BUT.... I have been having trouble sleeping. Idk why but i keep tossing and turning in my bed and i feel so weird as if iam awake or asleep??? Idk. Maybe its my muscles being so sore that its causing me to toss and turn. But i also get palpitations as a mini panic attack but not as bad. It does scare me but i continue to go back to sleep somehow. Ugh and it has been happening for 2 days. But iam going to continue to Pray to God to keep me going on this Journey and to continue giving me strength and Hope :) love you all & Goodnight

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17 Replies

  • Are u exercising at late hours?

  • I exercise in the morning for 3o mins and then at 6pm for an hour.

  • They say try not to exercise close to bed time but 6pm is fairly good but keep up the good work it takes time to break the cycle.

  • Congrats !!! So happy for you

  • Thank you 💝😃😃

  • Glad to hear you are making progress .. Keep it up. They say that diet is the most under used anti anxiety med and excersice is the most under used anti depressant and I truly believe that

  • Its the truth!

  • tdawgg, you are absolutely right. Exercise gives us an unbelievable "high" :)

  • I do too

  • Can I ask what medicine I takeing

  • Iam on Xanax.

  • How long did it take u notice ii tt was working do the side effects stay same iam on buspirone

  • Well i never had any side effects. Just the drowsiness and sleepiness. Other then that it works great for me. buspirone never heard of it.

  • Hello

    Brilliant to read your post and well done you !

    The little blips are to be expected , that anxiety will be hating the fact that you are over riding it :-D

    You are doing so well I am really proud of you , I knew you could do this you are a lot stronger than you think and I hope you are feeling proud of yourself to !

    Keep it up you will achieve your goal :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you!!!!

  • I am sooo happy to hear you are feeling great! Expect great things coming to your life!!!

  • Thank you so much💝💝

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