its getting to much for me

its getting to much for me

my baby boy was born 2 days ago he was 4 days early saying goodbye was so hard the pain is to much he was put in to care yesterday iam trying to get him but my social worker dont want to help me my baby has everything ready for him at my mums house and the social worker is giving my mum and step dad more paper work to do iam so scared i could lose him my other 2 kids everything is looking really good for them to go to my mums but the baby only god knows whats going to happen iam trying but the social worker is not even there she dont care on how well i been doing she dont care on helping me going to the mother and baby unit my mum is all i got or he will end up going for adoption and i will not be able to cope :( i miss him so much and cant believe some one else is looking after him and he dont even know iam hes real mum :( two bad years in a row iam getting tired of all of this :(


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  • Glitterangel03, what a touching picture of you and your son. Believe me, he knew it was his mom's finger he grasped onto. I know how much you wanted to go to the Mother & Baby Unit. Although the stated goal is to unite mother and child, the court will determine what is in the best interest of the child. Hopefully, it will be with your mom, you and baby's siblings.

    Words cannot even start to describe what you are feeling. I know because I've seen that look of sadness in my own daughter's biological mother's eyes. I will continue keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that things move towards your wishes and dreams. Agora1 xx

  • Ah you are an adopted Mum?!

  • Hi mysmugcat, I am. x

  • :) I am adopted. I know my bio family too now.

    glitterangel03 I hope it works out for you

  • That's beautiful mysmugcat. My daughter and her siblings are in each other's lives. And so the circle of family continues..

    Be happy, you are so loved x

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