Having a really bad panic attack 😥

Iam sorry Guys 

Ive Broken... These past 2 days have been the worst. Iam getting shaky my heart is racing i keep thinking iam going to have a heart attack and i find it so hard to breathe now. Like if iam Getting suffercated. Its scaring me. And the hardest thing about it is that I KNOW ITS DUE TO MY MENSTRUAL but its getting to me. My hormones are everywhere Ive been also having bad dreams and now iam scared to go to sleep... Waking up from those dreams make it feel Like i really went thru it. Iam feeling nauseous just thinking about it. And cheat pains are back ugh why??? Iam scared iam really having a bad one tonight. Has anyone ever had a dream and then a few weeks or minths later get dejavu? Its been happening alot and it scares the Crap out of me...

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21 Replies

  • I just had a bad moment as well. I have 3 more days before my menstrual starts and my anxiety gets so bad when it's near. My husband just took me for a ride and it helped some. I'm praying for healing for all of us🙏🏾🙏🏾 WhereIsHope26 i hope you feel much better soon🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Yes! Mines gets very very bad before during and a few days after. I hate it. I was doing so well the past few weeks untill now. Its so scary the panic is 10x worse then a normal anxiety attack wen your not on menstrual..

    Hope you feel better too.🌹💕

  • Thanks WhereIsHope26 mines is through the roof just like your's around my menstrual, during and after. It's so annoying because you'll be doing okay but when this comes, it's just brings you back down again. Sometimes I wouldn't mind not have a menstrual for a while if it makes you feel like this!!! 

  • I get extremely bad ones. And when I'm not having one, I have the symptoms of just plain old anxiety. I know. I know. I know. It is horrible. It's hard to deal with anxiety at school...especially when stuck in a classroom :////

    Ok back to you. Even though I only tried this once I know that it might help. Go to Youtube and type in "Guided Meditation for Detachment From Overthinking" OR I'll just place a link for you. If you ever feel anxious, just try watching this. I tried this once (two days ago) and my chest tightness/pain went away! And I am just about to use this to go to sleep. Yes girl, it sucks. 

  • Thank you for sharing!!

  • Omg thank you so much iam going to try it right now. I cant even sleep right. My chest hurts and my heart is racing. My mind is really Overthinking iam going to die. I hate this feeling.

  • Your welcome! Tell me if it helped in anyway

  • I feel so bad , I can still remember the person I was before, I used to love to enjoy smoking marijuana, I can't even do that anymore:( 

  • great,thanks

  • Hi Paulette go back 3 days and read your inspiring post nothing has changed your mind has just got the better of you again, I convinced myself 4 weeks ago I had angina or a pending heart attack as my heart was pounding I had numbness down my right arm and feelings of weakness all through my body I phoned an emergency doctor who was lovely and went over my symptoms with me and in the end he said you have anxiety not a heart problem he said I would get severe pain in my chest if it was a heart attack so I came off the phone started to calm down and here I am a month later and no heart attack.. breath and try to calm down you will be fine xx

  • Aww thank you so much i will do that! 

    I cannot let it take my happinesa away!

  • You inspired me the other day stay strong don't let your mind fool you 🙂 Xx

  • Hello, I feel your pain are you on any medication such as adivan, zanex, anything that would calm you down? It helps to keep your mind busy doing things you love to do. Having panic anxiety disorder really stinks. I am working in mine. Have you talked to your Dr and what does he say? I feel so bad for you. Please let me know how you are doing.

  • I was on xanax but they took me off of it to put me on new medication i see a doctor on wednesday to see what type of meds ill be on. So for now iam cold turkey..

  • Cold Turkey until Wednesday we are all here for you. Does the deep breathing help you? I know sunlight and getting out is helping me. I am also going through grieving process right now my love of my life my husband passed away in October. This is very difficult I miss him so. It helps me to help others asb well. Anything to get my mind of things

  • Oh No iam so so sorry for your loss... My condolences to you and your family. And i know it must be So hard especially with anxiety. But you seem like a strong woman. God bless you hun

  • Thank you I still have major meltdown and it will be 6 months since The love of my life passed. He passed away October17th. Last evening and this morning it feels like it just happened,that how bad I feel right now and I don't understand it. I'm sorry I'm trying to help you here. How are you feeling?

  • No no no dont worry i didnt lose a Significant other (Yet) and i dont think iam ready either. I mean i lost my grandparents but i was too young to understand. So i do t know the unbearing feeling of losing a Loved one. And my panic disorder is so Bad iam scared ill go crazy. Hearing fro your experince helps others aswell. :) right now iam feeling a Bit better. I was able to catch up on sleep but for the mean time ill just do breathing excercises to keep me going thru the day. 

  • I do those as well. Do you have Facebook? I'd like to send you a friend request

  • I do ill send you a private message

  • Hi , this totally sounds like anxiety.  If you know it's around your menstrual then that's half the battle because you know the trigger.  Get yourself on a vitamin regimen with extra magnesium and  B complex .  Give yourself a couple of weeks you should see a difference.  In the meantime try not to worry your not going crazy. Anxiety presents itself in many ways  .  Also consult your doctor about the vitamins beforehand.  Good luck! 

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