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Been on mirtazapine 30 mg now for 10 months, tried explaining to my doctor that I don't think they're working for me but he doesn't seem interested, all I get is it's anxiety try not to think about it and carry on, easier said than done when your dizzy 24/7, you feel sick all day and your vision is all messed up. He sent me for cbt but only six half hour sessions and all they told me was basically what I already knew. Really starting to give up now as I've forced myself to get out and try and carry on as normal as the the doctor keeps telling me , don't think I'm ever going to be normal again

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Mintyefc, I feel 10months is a long enough time to know if you have gotten any results or not. Whether you need a chance in the dosage, or the medicine or the doctor, it is not fair to just brush you off and say "it's anxiety, carry on".... CBT helps to a point but like you said you didn't hear anything you already didn't know. You will be normal again but it's going to take you being your own advocate in finding what technique may work for you best. For me, I gathered up all the info I had gotten over the years of different therapies. I took the best from all of them and designed one made best for me. That was meditation and deep breathing (and this one doesn't cost me anything). As for the meds you are on, that is between you and your doctor if you should stay or be taken off. I wish you well, keep coming here for the support you need in sorting this out.



Don't give up . never give up because there is always a way , sometimes it can take a while to find the right one for you but you will :-)

Were you getting this dizziness before taking the meds or has it started since

I am asking wondering if it is a side effect of the meds but one thing and I am not a Doctor I would have thought if those meds were suiting you , you should be feeling a lot better than you are now which says to me they need changing !

Your Doctor sounds pretty useless and some are , I wonder could you see another Doctor in the same surgery that just may have a better understanding and a little compassion for people suffering with anxiety !

What ever Doctor you get to see , and I know this is never easy as we can find it hard to speak up for ourselves ( wondering if you could take someone with you that could speak up as well and so the Doctor might sit up and listen a little bit more ) but you need to stay firm at the same time as been polite and say

I know I have anxiety and I have tried these meds for 10 months with no effect as well as cbt , so I want to discuss with you other medications as well as been referred to the Mental Health Team to be assessed to see if maybe a psychologist or any other methods of support might help me

These are what you should be offered but some Doctors just can't be bothered but it is your right and I know we should not have to but it can be we have to fight a little to get the treatment we need

Have you looked at the organization called " Mind "

If you put that in Google there is a contact number

They are very good as they work with anxiety and Mental Health problems only and they can give you names and numbers as well as advise for everything that is available in your area , I would also give them a ring , a phone call is nothing and you would have nothing to loose but you might gain some good contacts as well as advise :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks bounce will push the doc a bit more and will look into mind

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