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Nothing goes right

My life in a nutshell.

I'm going to see my psychologist in a little while. I think this is gonna be the last session every session he assumes I'm wrong and not seeing things as they are.

He has a memory like a dead goldfish yet he assumes its me that gets things wrong.

There is not greater critic of me than me. But I know I'm right on this.

He wont accept it though. Even when he's wrong he uses the patronising "Is that how you feel I'm sorry about that". Not I'm sorry I'm wrong he doesn't own his faults.

I know he's the last chance saloon for me I was "Lucky" to get him I'm told what with all the cutbacks.

So that's me fU@ked then i guess.

No one'll miss me I've contributed nothing to the world.

I'm wasting his time hes wasting mine

He'll be better off looking after his kids than adding to my issues.

if i wasn't a coward I'd take the leap into infinity

You never know

It's one small leap for me one huge relief for mankind

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Hi stressed

If you don't feel a connection with your psychologist I would go back to your doctor. See how it goes today with a open mind but if you feel the same I would talk to your doctor or the manager of the service. When I started my therapy the manager did say they would rather know if you don't get on with a therapist. There will be little gain and more stress if you continue.

We are all here for a reason (even though you cant see why at the minute) we all have something to offer and you won't always feel like this.

Take care love eve x


Suicidal and i get one comment

Says it all doesnt it?

i'm wasting my time on this site

i'l leave you all to it

good luck hope you get more sympathy


Hello Stressed

I've only been for counselling once, I stuck it out for the whole 6 weeks, but like you I can't say I got much out of it because the therapist was trying to make me see things differently. Every time I mentioned one of my thoughts she tried to re-categorise it to a minor issue. To me it wasn't and never would be a minor issue - however much I understood what she was trying to get at.

I was suffering from workplace stress - and every time I went into work I was immediately confronted with the scenario which was causing me the stress. No amount of "thinking different thoughts" would change the situation I was in - so in the end I put up with it for as long as it took to change my job. I ended up with a lower paid job - but the people at that job were much nicer, more caring and more understanding than my previous one - so I felt I had gained a lot by moving. Not in monetary terms - but in terms of my improved mental health and wellbeing. Just one more thing - on this site you will get something much better than sympathy - and that is empathy - because I am sure there are a lot of people who understand how you feel, but sometimes, because of their own issues - it can take a while for people to get back to you. Please be a little more patient - I also understand how hard this is. I hope this is of some use to you

Kind regards


So i get 2 responces one being from someone who dumops there problems on me brilliant

and i have to be patient? well other blogs have lots of replies who have been on after me

this site for whatever reason doesnt want to respond to me so im going

thanks for nothing


Hi stressed

Sorry to see you feel this way

I no when we are feeling down we are sensitive & can take things very personal & it can hurt

As for you feeling not many replied , I no what you mean , we can focus again when feeling low on what response we get

Please don't take this personally though

If you look , some get no replies , some get one , some get quite a few

But which ever one it may be , I think there is a reason

Sometimes people just don't no what to say

Some days the site can be quite & other days more people are on

A lot can be feeling down & want to reply but just feel un well them selves to do so

I do no the blogs get read & for me , I care about each & everyone of them

I try to reply to as many as I can when I can , but sometimes don't have it in me or the time to

To any I don't reply to I still care

I hope you will reconsider leaving & can get pass the feeling of maybe not feeling wanted or cared about , because I am sure this isn't the case at all

I hope you stay





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