Nothing makes sense

Nothing in the world is making any sense to me. I don't know why I can't drive or go to the store without getting dizzy and feeling weird. Is this all there is before we go. I can't even say it. It causes too much panic. I have to go back to work Monday 100% no restrictions but they don't seem to think the anxiety really gets to me at work and I get dizzy there too😥. There's gotta be something more that makes more sense😥


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  • Oh God I feel your pain..when my panic started it hit hard..I've taken anti depressants but none have worked and all had horrible side effects...I now am dizzy all day and lightheaded.. Like foggy...I've been told decreasing caffeine help with routine exercise and trying to keep busy... It is a difficult thing to deal with...must we must remain hopeful... Anxiety is a ugly creature

  • I'm so scared to exercise!!! For many reasons. I can't seem to walk more than a block. When I work that is about all I can do then I leave everyday crying from pain and anxiety and feeling so down. You are right though we must remain hopeful! I'm working on it! Thank you 😊

  • I went thru the walk thing too. If I got out of sight of the house I would go into panic mode. I have slowly built my walking up. I try to walk 10,000 steps which I read was the recommended thing to do. I haven't made it yet but I did get to 9,000. I was and AM proud of myself. Counting those darn steps is walking meditation. Meditation is good to help cope with anxiety so I meditate while I walk. I also cheat a little - I got a pedometer because I would lose count. BUT that is ok. I found the courage to try and that is what we do. We fight back and try to find ways to cope with this terrible thing called anxiety. Keep fighting back.

  • I want to walk! I've tried over the past week. I made it one block! The other thing is I'm afraid of bees wasps and spiders and right now they are everywhere!!! If I see a bee or wasp or spider you will see a fat woman run so fast I didn't know I could run that fast! So I wait til we get s freeze??? Ugh

  • I walked TWO blocks today! May not seem like much to some but to me it is a great achievement!!! I did have to sprint away from a hornet and my heart beat fast s little!

  • You are spot on. You just described me ... we know what we are facing and we remain hopeful and deal with the fear. It is, indeed, a very ugly creature. Thank you for saying it so well.

  • Hello my love,

    I understand you, completely. But when you learn how to control your anxiety - which you will! - You'll feel different. Don't let anxiety win. It's your body, YOU should have control over it.

    The fact that you're still going to work is a good thing, in a way. I only say this because avoiding things because of the anxiety they cause makes it all so much harder in the long run. Trust me on that.

    Talk to your boss. Be honest and let him/her know that your struggling.

    And talk to your doctor. You can get help for this.

    You're gonna be okay x

  • Unfortunately boss says get over it! He doesn't understand.

  • That's the worst.. I guess when you haven't gone through it, it is pretty hard to understand.

    Have you got anyone you can speak to?

  • I talk to my Mom. She has struggled with anxiety too. But the only thing she can tell me is I have to push through it and go to work and do a good job. Today I don't even want to get out of bed😥 but Monday will come and I will have to work. And I will do it...somehow

  • What do you think it is that causes your anxiety?

  • Well I have health anxiety and anxiety about death

  • Anxiety controls your physical because it makes you feel horrible and as if your going crazy...its a very difficult thing to deal with...all we can do it push through it and continue to search for answers and help that Will support us with living and concurring this

  • Just dont think about that .leave your thoughts at another place.also 1 thing that helped me at the start was listening to music on my earphones so i wouldnt be alone while going to store or something like that

  • Boy, I totally understand. I have been in the same place many times. BUT, it does get better. You will find ways to cope with the symptoms you are feeling. When I drove to work I would roll down the window just to get air because I was dizzy and woozy. Even in a snow storm. I got there every time ... then I would just get to my desk and not want to move. Mother Nature does not tolerate that so when I had to go to the bathroom I would do what I needed to do, look in the mirror - right into my eyes - and calmly say "You are fine. You are doing fine. Look at you, you made it to work, you have been working and getting things done, NO ONE is noticing that you are anxious so don't worry about that AND, by the way, if there as something happening people WOULD notice. So relax, you are doing great. Go back to your desk, take a deep breath and get back to work." I really have done that....I am not kidding. And I got thru the day. And the next day and the next. Then I would have a day that I did not feel anxious at all. What a blessing. You are truly having anxiety and panic attacks. It is terrible and very hard to cope with. But you can do it. Move as much as you can - walk, pace, dance - typing helps me a lot. I work a lot of tension out through my hands. So work is a blessing. If you need medication, fine. I've taken Xanax at several points in my life. I don't like taking meds and was reluctant, but found that it really did help me when I most needed it. Now I can generally get through it...but I have the Xanax just in case. My doctor will give me the lowest dose available - then I cut those in half. Calms me right down in 10 minutes or so. She prescribed 9 pills (9 - I think that is kind of funny actually) and I will have some left after the year is up because I can handle it without them most of the time. That is me. You need to find the things that will help you. I am so glad you posted on this site. There are so many people with the same issues. Reading their posts and getting ideas on how to cope is a blessing. Hang in there and please keep posting. Fear is a terrible thing and that is what anxiety and panic are - fear. And it is FALSE seems real but the things we are so afraid of are just not real at that moment. It is adrenaline coursing through our bodies causing the feelings and reactions. Try not to be afraid. Wishing you my best.

  • Thank you for caring! I take Klonopin but been on it for a very long time so really my body is used to it and it doesn't girl with acute anxiety anymore. Last time I went to the hospital they gave me Ativan in my IV. Anyway I drive 20 miles to work and am still recovering from s car accident that was very scary. So the anxiety is worse now. I've done the looking in the mirror thing but sometimes nothing seems real. It will be ok it will. Thank you for encouragement it means so much!!!

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