Hi all hope we are all ok x

Well today I am bloody annoyed. I went for a ecg test on wednesday morning and a whole load of bloods to try and rest my mind over health anxiety. I kept getting told off by the nurse for chatting to much and moving !! bear in mind it was the first time id left my home in over 2 month. But I did it:) x Now the blood results I was expecting to take up to ten days, fine I can wait. BUt the ecg I was promised the results the same day.

Here we are the day after and no results!!! The doctor has,not had time to read them on the computer. My bloods are all back to but same thing. He may be able to do it tomorrow but the nurse seems to think I will have to wait until Monday:(. Im gutted, was building myself up to go on holiday with the hubby and kids tomorrow, but nope not now. I am so worried there is something wrong and cannot believe the doctors are leaving me hanging on like this. I sat and cried for a hour to the hubby saying how scared I was that he was going away and leaving me on my own, and now he is making it all worse as he has told the kids they cannot go as its my fault I don't wanna stay alone. Now I feel so guilty :( xx Hate doctors x x Donver


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  • I know how you feel. Normally they can see the ECG results as the are doing them. I know it seems an age but if you go away it might make the time go quicker. Take care. Let us know the results

  • Ty Holly x the nurse saw the ecg results as she was doing it but she didn't know how to read them as was newly trained blood nurse at gp surgery. So I have to wait for gp to read them. I have myself paranoid as Ive been getting bad pains in my back like indigestion type pain they go away after a hour or so but bloody hurt. Normally after cheese pasties my fave typical. Im a paranoid wreck lol.

    I dare,nt go away im scared, haven't been out the house since aug n that was first time since beginning of year x

  • I know this probably isn't much help, but if the pain is brought on by food it sounds like indigestion. What happens if you take an antacid, does it get any better?

  • Hi Pete x It will go away with rennie x eventually can take up to a hour x

  • I think it makes sense that it would take a while to get better. When you take a Rennie it neutralises the stomach acid that is causing problems, but the acid will already have caused inflammation of the tissues it has touched. Once you neutralise the acid, that tissue will take some time to get back to normal—about an hour apparently!

  • Could be indigestion, that can be vey painful. Why dont you phone your GP Friday and tell him how you are feeling. He may speed up your results. Just a thought. Make sure you phone early and give him lots of notice

  • I think it is indigestion as it occurs when im a bit bunged up to lol sorry tmi x i have requested a call back from the doctor as that way if he hasnt read them he will to ring me x

  • Hope that you get a call and put your mind at rest. xx

  • ty Jeffju x im crossing it all for tomoz x

  • Hope you get that call soon! it's horrible when your kept waiting like this. When they come back ok you need to give the whole family a treat. By the way is your garden big enough to put the tent up in then kids could go camping. Just a thought.

    Hugs to you


  • Hi Mystery x Im praying i get the call tomorrow x if i have,nt by a certain time im gonna ring them and demand it or ill hog the phone lol. Unfortunately im home alone for the next week:/ Im dreading it and have cried at the thought, but cannot spoil my boys holiday x

    I think i could manage a tent in the garden, may be better option to choose a boat at the mo lol x its grim up north :) xxDonver

  • Hi,I know how you feel,have you tried seeing someone? I have health anxiety and got treatment for a year,cbt,trauma therapy and it has helped,I'm not cured don't think I ever will be but it has made me think of coping strategies,and why I'm like this,my fear is cancer,and sometimes you feel very alone with this,and as if you are the only one who is like this,but I have been made to see I'm not,there's a lot of people like us and it's nothing to be ashamed of,but it's hard as no one speaks about it ,hope your feeling better soon

  • Sorry van just seen this x Think I mentioned in another post i have cbt x Its not helping, if anything is making me worse x The strategies are rubbish, im sorry but if you panacing i fail to see how challenging the belief will help! but then im inpatient x

    The ha we have found comes from a deep rooted fear of death in the family, my nanas mum died of cancer and so all my life i heard my nan talk about this and how she would follow suit x she did die of cancer but it wasn't because it was fact , it was a different kind to x

    It is a taboo subject, most people tell you to stop being silly and go forth and conquer, yet a celeb says it n its aww poor you :/ ty xx

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