My doctor kind of gave me a choice. He said you can try this antidepressant or before you do that you can try yoga.. meditation.. running. He also said that I need to accept that there is nothing wrong with me and that it's just anxiety. Soo I guess I'm gonna do just that.. try to accept the anxiety...I'm gonna start running and doing yoga like I used to before the anxiety took over my mind. Wish me luck 😳 I'm going to try really really hard to stay positive. I really don't want to carry this anxiety/stress with me into the new year. And i really don't wanna touch another ssri. We shall see.


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  • Good Luck to you Sunshine002. Tell yourself that you can do it and you will. x

  • Thanks so much for the encouragement! I CAN do this! ☺️

  • And we will all be there to congratulate you at the finish line :)

  • You can do it !!!!! Stay positive and you can overcome anything!!! Please let us know your progress . HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • Thank you!! Happy new year to you too! 😊

  • You go!!! I need to make this same decision. I'm hypothyroid and been on medicine for 15 + years. About 6 months ago I started noticing twitches in my legs, then Charly horses, then rapid heart rate for short burts. This spanned 6 months, then bam sitting in ER room crying pacing , shaking with chills while sweating profusely. Ekg's, blood work, X-rays then told this is anxiety!! Fast forward two months with panic attacks increasing with every day. Then last week get a call from my doctor who had gotten my blood work from ER months ago that I'm hyperthyroid now!!! So I was told stop taking synthroid until blood work could be completed, this threw me into hypo again πŸ˜”. Now trying lower dose but feeling panicky again with pains, muscle twitches and everything else! I remember how good I felt when I ate healthy and worked out 1 hour 5 days a week! I want that back, the funny thing is I quit because I struggle with smoking and I felt like why bother doing all the other thing good if you continue smoking. I have too, need too, going too quit!! I just don't know how yet.

  • You can quit! I know it's hard, but you CAN do it πŸ™‚ I'm sorry to hear about your thyroid, you will get through this! Just think it could always be worse... that's what I tell myself sometimes. Best of luck to you in the coming year!

  • Yes, you can!! Proud of you AND ALSO proud of that doctor!! I tried my 5th SSRI... Prozac...and off of it after 3 months...I finally feel right...Oh sure, there may be rough spells.... but life is not MEANT to be 'perfect' so do NOT come down on yourself if you have a rough spell...just say HEY!! I'm doin' good!! <3 :) take good care and Happy New Year to all of us!

  • Your right. In life there are gonna be ups and downs. I'm just going through a down right now. I will rise out of this. I'm only 25 and have 2 small children. I've got soo much more life to love without anxiety. Best wishes to you in the coming year

  • Do you're best-we're all rooting for you!

  • Thank you!!

  • Good luck indeed! And good for you to avoid the pills. That's always the wiser choice, I think.

  • Thank you! I'm gonna really try! I know it's gonna be hard but I'm going to try and keep my head in the right direction! No looking back

  • Go to another doctor

  • He's a great doctor..I trust his judgment. I've had a lot of test.. there is really nothing wrong with me. I just need to accept the anxiety and try to move on. Thanks for your advice though πŸ˜‰

  • Good for you taking the non medicated route! All the best to you. I've been on Cymbalta for the past 4 years and my experience with it is that it stabilizes my mood so much that there's no oscillation. I feel like my mood is just neutral like all the time

  • Thats what I'm afraid of. πŸ˜” I've tried 3 other ssri meds and they've kinda had that effect on me like I couldn't cry etc... we will see how this goes, I'm gonna try my hardest! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I'm tapering off Prozac, few more days left then I start cymbalta. Kind of nervous, don't know what to expect

  • My mom has been on cymbalta for over a year and she hasnt had anything bad to say about it πŸ™‚

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