Panic attacks

I am wondering if anybody gets these sorts of panic feelings I did a lot yesterday although I was very tired and didn't want to go shopping , I could hardly walk, then last night I was getting ready for bed and putting on one of my tapes to calm me and this feeling come over me like a electric discharge and it was so horrible like I was going to collaspe, I run over to my bed and let out a groan, my heart was racing, I woke up at 4 o'clock and got a drink of water, and went back to bed, this morning I woke up sweating and weak with a feeling as if I was going to faint again I sat there for a while but felt weak trying to walk, is this all part of anxiety, as today I thought I would take it easy, but I am nervous now in case it all comes back again . The mornings are like this now everyday for about 3 months. I was given a thorough check up at the hospital the other week and the doctor said my heart and lungs were alright and he looked I my eyes and looked at my tongue, and said to me don't you feel better knowing you are okay . But I told him I can't walk propeley, so he is sending me to see a pyschristric as as usual they think it's all in my head. He said if I am still the some in 3 months time he will send me for more tests. When I went in a ambulance about 6 months ago they checked my glugose and said it was normal. My blood tests were normal six months ago, can anxiety do all this to you, as I keep thinking what's going to happen next.


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  • Hello there :)

    I am so sorry that you're going through this I know exactly how you feel as I have been through the exact same feelings as you you feel like you're going to die and you live with that pretty much every day of your life I have been there now a year ago was my very first panic attack and that was extremely terrifying my anxiety a penny touch her so bad that I could not stand to be alone so my little girl and I practically live with my parents for six months I would wake up in the middle the night and has severe with severe panic attacks I've tried medicationbut the side effects from the medication just made my anxiety symptoms worse I've had countless trips to the ER and doctors office and they all just want to shove medication down your throat I refuse to try to try meds though because as we all know Who have anxiety we don't want to feel worse than what we already do now yes it's been a long year for me and it's been a long road to recovery I'm not better yet I'm not and I don't know if I will ever get there to be honest I am a lot better than what I was so there is hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel you will get there my symptoms were the same as yours I would have days where I felt so weak so dizzy so lightheaded Like I was going to pass out would feel nauseous I would have headaches I don't feel like I couldn't concentrate I would feel like I couldnt see properly I have days where my heart would race days when it skips beats but it's all part of the anxiety and that weird feeling that you were talking about like the electric discharge that's called an adrenaline rush and that's one of the worst feelings I've had already how about this morning it's I hate the feeling I wish it would go away it makes you feel like crap anyways write me anytime like I said I've been through what you're going through and you will get better I promise one thing that I find that helps me when Iwhen I feel the anxiety coming on I have to distract myself right away get up and pace the floor or call a friend or get out and do something you will feel better talk to you soon


  • Hello

    Do you know what brings on these feelings ??

    Sometimes Anxiety makes many over sensitized to their body and the more they feel ill it becomes self fulfilling. Your GP seems to be trying to put your mind at rest and that is all He can do

    Do you feel that some talking therapy may be a good idea ?. That may help you. Are you taking some types of medications ?

    What gets me is I suffer from extensive RA and I take a great deal of medications for pain, I still can suffer from Anxiety when my pains are severe and I need to take medications to keep me settled.

    In early days I used to feel I would not survive the chronic pain and I would die. Now I am sixty four and I am still here, I sometimes wonder if my wife is sad that I am still here. although that is me jumping to conclusions. I suppose I should just have to keep taking my medications, I suppose that I will see all out and I will eventually be left on my own


  • Of course your wife is glad your here,why would she not, I know how you feel, I feel the some . I feel very low today, and a burden ,I wish you well however you feel . Your right about sensitisation , I suppose I am big time, my husbands says I have been like this before, but I don't remember getting this many panic attacks or adrenaline rushes in one day, I think I am done because of family problems thst cannot get resolved as they are too complicated,I don't want to ring the local mental health unit to have counselling, I really don't, so I will look into counselling when I feel abit better. I wish you well

  • Once we have written down our panic attack triggers then if we want to succeeed then we will win...quite simple..i know what mine are just dont always adhere to my own advice.....

  • Hello Daffodil

    Sad I know how family matters can cause real headache. About eighteen months ago I broke with all my relatives as we had got to the stage where conflict was there as a habit over my lifetime and I could not finish my life without a period of peace before death. Only my mother a late 80s shrew and two sisters that had not grown up over their 50 years, preferring to keep sniping at my heals. I was just best out of it, my Aunts and uncles where no great loss so I got rid of the lot of them. I now have no family and I have never felt more happy as I am in my mid 60s now and I felt I had too retire from the spiteful world that was my family as from been in my teens I was selectivly not told where my Cousins live.


  • Hi Bob,

    I know some of those feelings you are experiencing, and sometimes we push our loved ones away, I am sure you wife is glad you are here.

    You seem to be doing a good job on the Mental Health side. I just read your profile, keep up the good work we need more people to help us all.


  • Hello Daffodil

    Please do not leave getting help to long as you will just become more unhappy.

    Your other problems will look less after you can put your health problem somehow to rest and control all your anxiety


  • In my years ofbpanic attacks i find ultimately avaidance is a coping mechsnism so long as its not such an impact but generally good exercise and mindfulness work..yes no simple answer im sorry.dont get me wrong with all best nan just died so hit the diazepam and drink to hide emotions and so to not run off!!also same when flying abroad...we learn to cope not be cured.try not overthink or dwell on things beyond our control..accept things and life is take it easy on booze nicotine and caffeine etc x

  • Hi Daffodil,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling again. I can't offer much advise, only to take on board what Bob said.

    I have read your posts before and I know you have a lot of family problems.

    Thinking of you, please keep posting.

    Eunice. xx

  • I was a carer to my mother who died two years ago even though I could hardly walk with anxiery I did what I could for her, at the funeral I had a drink and told my older sister who come over for the funeral she lives abroad and my younger brother that know one helped me with my mother, wrong move I know, but it was true, and so now they have cut me out of their lives , so that my be contributing to the way I feel also I have my husbands copd and I worry about my son crohns as he has 2 little girls to care for, I borrowed money to pay his mortgage last month, as he couldn't work, my daughter lives abroad and I see her about once every two years, she is a great help to me and my husband emotionally. So maybe I need to see a counsellor or somerhing as bob says on here. Thanks for your support.

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