Heart broken

Hi I've been with my man for almost 3 years and this has been his 4th time breaking u with me. All the reasons of him calling it off all are almost the same . The first time is when we started dating and his kids mother kept sending him disrespectful messages about me and she didn't even know me iquestioned him about it and he never said anything to her all he said was that she does this everytime he start dating someone then after awhile she'll stop. Well yes after about couple moths she did but at the time when it was going on I felt he was not taking up for me having my back. Well we got into it and he called it off.. .. Second break up it was over a woman calling him 5:30am in the morning saying goodmorning now of course I'm questioning who calling/ texting you this early and why.. Well he said it was just a friend and that everyone knows he be up that early due to having to be at work early.. Well I felt some kind of way we got into it because he started being disrespectful saying he has females friends and they were before me and if I had a problem with that the. I need to deal with it myself and that I had insecurity problem said he not dealing with it and broke up... Third break up a girl texting him almost everyday and she knew of me oh and she use to deal with him well she have been sending flirtations message and there were texting that he deleted from him as if he was hiding it. When I found out who this person was I asked him he said she nobody I questions about he constantly texting and him know she likes him and he allowing the conversation to keep going as if he like the attention and recently as of two days ago he broke it off again he accidentally text me meaning to text some one else he wrote " I was working out phone was in the locker where yours should be, I want the same thing you have melSt time" I asked about that text he said it was about Herbalife supplies which was true because I saw the text but also I saw the other texting when she gave a open invite to her house .. And them going back and front texting he said he have not heard from her in; years I asked did you mention to her that you were involved with someone he said no they didn't discuss that but I felt why not because she assume you are not since she said the in it is open and asked when is you vacation and what your doing on your vacation. Well we were good unto last Friday I called him and asked what he was doing he said about to go out I said oh can I come he said no I thought he was joking the. He said if I wanted you to come the. I would have asked you too.. Later that night around 10 when I called him and he would not ask see the phone or texts after like 5 calls he answered said he was at the movies with his kids which is 18 and 24 I asked how come you just could text and say that he said because he didn't the next day I went to Vegas he never called to even see if I made it safe when I got back I asked so what movie did you go see he reply by saying a movie and that he didn't need to tell me the name because he no longer has tho give me that I was confuse and question that he said because we are not together anymore he's aid because I don't trust himself told him I trust that he want go out physically with anyone but I do believe he like the attention from those texts he got up set and called it off.. I'm hurt I have two kids that are close to him but they are not his.. I love him and I put so much into this to try to make it work these has been our only issues I don't mind hm having females friend but just have respect and let it be known to them that your with someone and don't give missingals to them as completing them and allowing them to send you pictures.. I have not been myself since the last break up I'm trying to be strong by not calling my heart hurts it truly does and I can't stop crying I'm so hurt


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  • i have know idea what your going through and i dont really know much on this but just remember you have family who care for you and are there for you. And time does heal everything. what works for me is trying to remind myself that in a week, month or year this will definitely be over and i will have new, better and refreshed feelings.

  • time will heal if she stay away but she continues to let him use her like a piece of carpet

  • We want what we can't have he keeps doing this to you because he knows you will be there each and every time, you need to broke up with him so you can find yourself once you come to terms with yourself and what you want you want make it so easy for men to use you like a rug if he truly loved you # 1 he would not keep doing the same thing to you # 2 if you loved yourself you wouldn't allow this over and over you need to ask God to help you through this and when he does you need to pray and ask God to send you someone who wants you and will be all that you want and need in a man being by yourself is not bad at all it gives you a chance to see a clearer picture of what's going on in and around your life

  • your man sounds like a dog that will always have a warm hole to keep coming back too when he feels like it

  • Hey, that's insulting to dogs

    ..this guy is an ass.... of the first order,

    No love or respect there

    Dogs are loyal and wonderful companions,

    Let him go, he'll be abusive and uncaring to some other poor woman

    find a decent loyal guy who is good to you

    .Your kids don't need this instability/unhappiness in their lives it's,traumatising.

  • Leave him. You'll find someone better

  • HE has broken up with YOU like FOUR times. How many more hrartaches do you actually need?

    He keeps coming back because he knows that you will take hime back because that is what YOU have taught him to be that way. If he does it again, I strongly urge you to just say fine and then go open the door for him to leave so that he knows you mean business. Don't ... back ... down ok?

    Until you start to treat yourself with respect, nothing is going to change. Is that the type of role model you want to be to your children? Also, is he the type of man you want around your kids to teach and nurture? A man who clearly has NO moral compass. Your priority are your kids who by the way are very intuitive. They know when something is not right. They also learn by observation.

    "Fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice, shame on me."

    Do the right thing for yourself and your children. You deserve better.

  • That's a great reply..

    hope everyone that reads it learns something

    Wish i'd read it 30 years ago

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