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Feel so sick this morning


Yesterday my brother-in-law came up to help me make a start on my husband's shed. We did really well. My neighbour (who is lovely and has helped a lot) asked if he could have all the wood so we duly gave it to him. He then asked about some hardboard and I said I wanted to hold on to it for now in case someone kindly offers to finish boarding my loft.

Well I went round there for a cup of tea last night and he is really p****d with me. He said that last week I said he could have it so why had I changed my mind. Firstly I don't remember saying I'd give him to him but secondly I don't really understand why he should be so upset about it. I've given his son a stair ladder which is in perfect condition (he's a plasterer) for nothing, I'm giving some garden furniture to his daughter for nothing and am going to sort out some hand tools for his other son.

I was in tears and told his wife I would never do anything to upset him and she told me to ignore him. But I'm a bag of nerves this morning. One other neighbours are really nasty so I don't want to fall out with the good ones. I even said he could have it after he made a fuss but he said no.

I don't need this stress, I can't cope with it.

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Morning tinks

People,................... you cant please everyone, or indeed anyone these days .

His attitude is out of your control, so dont worry, I know its difficult.

I would go round and offer the wood to him again if its that much of a problem, give it to HIM, and it might make him realise what an arse he is being.

Dont allow any other person to mess your day up, its their problem, not yours so you shouldn't feel bad.

Hope you feel better soon.



Hi tinks,

I agree with bay, you just can't please some people no matter how hard you try.

Just wait untill he is out in the garden one day and build a bonfire lol.

Don't let his words or actions bother you, you have enough to deal with at the moment. Some people are just better off being ignored.

Wish you all the best Cookie xxx


Aw we don't need people to upset us when we feel the way we do,

He is just being an ass...sometimes I think people play on our emotions they know we are nice and take advantage, please try and not let him bother you, easy to say I know....

When you feel up to it if you want to maybe just try and say hey look I don't want to fall out over this and again if you want offer him the bloody wood, the crank haha...if you don't feel up to it maybe just say to his wife it really upset me, and chat to her she seems to be a bit more civil..

Sue xxxx

Thank you.

My neighbour can be an arse at times - he is a bit of a wheeler/dealer so I'm never sure whether I'm being mugged off anyway. i.e. I give him things for free and he makes money.

That said I love both him and his wife to bits and they have been there for me so much since losing Tony although I have backed off in the last couple of weeks because I just want to hide away. People can't deal with my grief and I think some people expect me to be in a better place than I am.

I have been to the bank today - cried, went to a tattoo parlour - cried. Exhausted now and feel I should do some housework but don't think I have the energy.

Well I have bit the bullet and been round to my neighbour on the pretence that I wanted some advice. He gave me some but you could clearly see that he wasn't happy with me.

His wife was okay and so was his daughter but suspect I am still in the doghouse. I hate this feeling. I'm going to take a couple of pills and hope may be they will help.

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