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Hope everyone is well x


Hi guys sorry i havent been much this week. School holidays are all too time consuming.

Anyways hope everyone is well?

Ive had an interesting few days. Ive been accused of sleeping with the enemy (my husband) his gf is convinced i still want him and everytime i snap my fingers he will come running. Trouble is she wont actually say it to my face and my husband wont give me her number so i can tell her how it is and to stop trying to involve me in her little dramas! I personally think its rather funny not just for the fact that she would think i would even consider going anywhere near him after he been with her but actually she is right and if i did 'snap my fingers' she wouldnt see him for dust! But knowing this makes no odds to me because im happier without him. He text me this morning "dont know if youre interested but i have had to make an appointment at the docs!" Erm okay do i ignore it do i respond and have him think i am interested? Omg he is playing head games. Has his gf actually said anything about me at all? Maybe its all his way of getting a reaction out of me and im playing right into his hands. Okay time to stop over thinking stuff put the kettle on and get dressed.

Hope you all have a great day..... a calm day and i hope you all have a reason to smile :-)

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Yes I remember the school holidays , manic :-D don't worry post when you can , everyone understands

Great to see you more positive !

As for ex & his GF I have always found , to ignore , works best , it can be hard as you do feel like you want to respond & I feel this is what is been looked for here , but believe me , say nothing & it will hurt a lot more than a reaction , which may only give you more grief !

Hope you have a great day as well





Yup he's trying to get a reaction from you, put a guilt trip on you..... don't play his or her games!! Had it all with my ex husband..... theyre toxic.......

You're doing so well, so keep looking ahead and not back........

Keep strong....

Love and hugs... Ker xx

she sounds insecure and paranoid

Yes i think so too but then she is probably 15 year older than me and looks 30 yrs older lol.

God i sound really bitchy. I really hoped he would move on and leave me alone. I need an invisible bubble which he bounces off when ever he gets within 2 feet of me :-)

Oh my days i just got the most amazing pair of red skinny jeans and now i have an overwhelming urge to go buy a pair of high tops....is 31 year old to old for high tops? im getting my hair done next week cant wait. When i was living with the enemy i was lucky if i got my hair cut twice a year and all my clothes i bought off ebay. Kids needed anything it usually lead to an arguement..... who thinks i should take him back?


Most definately DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK...... Unless you want a life of misery!!

Youre doing so well!!

Go Girl...........


Oh i have absolutely no intention of taking him back he can go make someone else misserable took me along time to realise but actually i dont need him :-)

Thankyou all for your messages of support means alot xx

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