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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My goal for tomorrow is to stay off my phone. No Netflix or Crackle. No games. No surfing the internet. Just calling and texting and email. Hopefully this will help me be productive tomorrow.

Ferb and I went hiking yesterday and found a large puddle with tons of TADPOLES! So I scooped some up, and now I have 7 tadpoles to care for! I got three for the neighbor kids, two for my kids at work, and two for my husband and I. I named ours Bert and Ernie. I'll let you know what the kids name theirs. I have to finish setting them up in their little tanks. Ferb and I went to the park today and got some pebbles from the creak. The little kids there asked what I was doing and then help me. It was so cute :) Now I need to get some spinach to feed them and some plants to put in there to provide oxygen. I hope I am successful in caring for them!

What's your goal?

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Btw, does anyone know how to post photos so they are right side up instead of sideways? Mine always post sideways :-/


πŸ˜€ love your new pets & I bet Ferb has been enjoying the adventures. Good luck with them. Sorry don't have any tadpole tips... though I used to catch frogs all the time as a small child. Being the good big sister I chased my baby brother with them.... 😁

My goal tomorrow, is to try to get a good night rest....


Good goal! Do you have trouble falling asleep? Some tips I have heard...

-write down your troubles before you get in bed so they are not racing through your mind as you try to sleep

-keep screens (phones, laptops, tv) out of the bedroom because they actually inhibit your sleep

-don't drink caffeine or alcohol close to bedtime (some people drink alcohol to help themselves fall asleep, but the alcohol actually makes you wake up more during the night)

-there are also some breathing exercises you can look up that may help you fall asleep


Thank you for the tips LMCello πŸ˜€ I had trouble getting to sleep. Felt especially bad since my poor husband had to get up at 3 something in the morning. And Han was feeding off my nervous energy. I'll try to write down my worries tonight & see if that helps. I have been cutting back on the caffeine, try not to have pass early evening. I hardly drink, so that's easy. Can't promise on limiting screen time.... though will try to stop close to bedtime. I'll attempt to read & do some breathing exercises instead. How are Bert & Ernie? Hope you are doing well πŸ’›


Let me know how it goes! Bert and Ernie are good, although my six-year-old charge has informed me that I should've let my husband name one of the tadpoles, so I have to ask him now! Haha! The kids seemed to like their new little friends. They named them George and Cocoa. I also noticed a stow away snail in the tank, too!


😁 so cute... the 6 y/o wanting everything to be fair. Maybe your husband can name the snail 🐌 We have friends with little guy's (1-4 y/o) they are always saying/doing silly things. Good at keeping the anxiety away.


Tomorrow's my dog-free day, so I try to make sure I get out & about. But I usually fail & end up pottering round the house as usual-----& get very cross with self!! So out & about it is; even if it forecasts rain here.

Happy productive day, LMCello!


You got this, jencan! I want to see pictures of your walk tomorrow!

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So all the tadpoles have names now...

The neighbors named theirs Ruby, Big Blue Fat Flower, and DJ.

My kids at work named theirs George and Cocoa.

My husband named his Baljeet.

I named mine Ernie.

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