I've had a horrible feeling all day and

My son phoned me 6 times tonight to pick him up but because i didn't know how to stop all the tweets i get from Twitter i turned off the main volume on my phone and when I rang him back he said it dont matter now Dad I met some friends and going to a house to drink alcohol. I am now worried sick and will be up unil he rings me or comes home. Iam ffuming with myself and pray to god nothing bad happens . I did text him to ring me to pick him up but no joy. I dont know who he's with. Am I watching to many crime shows or am I right to worry. He cant handle alcohol at the best of times. I just hope he will be ok and not with anyone that is out to hurt or with kids carrying a knife. Thats my biggest wory.


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  • Hey you have every right to worry but just wait for your son to call back and keep your mind at ease and trust in God, don't worry he will take care of him and just hang in there man

  • Thanks Alan I will do. I am doing some breathing exercises and slowly getting there. I just got a habit of working myself into a state. To much negative thinking gotta stop or I'll end up in an early grave.

  • That's good to hear ! Hang in there alright don't stress so much about it and yes I understand, I get where you coming from with the whole negative thoughts but there just thoughts they can't hurt you 👍😁

  • Dodo, when I see your posts regarding your worry over your son, I think of myself going through the same thing. I guess being a parent and worrying never stops no matter how old they get. A week ago, my daughter was in a bad situation and chose not to eat, took a Xanax to calm down and then went and had 2 drinks (drank fast). Before bed she took a sleeping pill. We have no control over their choices. I hope your son will be safe tonight, please take care of yourself as well. x

  • Dodo, I hope you and your son are sleeping now. Let us know how it went last night. I hope he is safe. Talk later....

  • Sorry if I take a while getting back to I am trying to spread this data out ok Agora. x.☺

  • Don't worry Dodo, I understand about the cost. Just take care. Enjoy some relaxation time playing the guitar :)

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